Pittsburgh Modular Taiga Keyboard

Semi-modular analogue synthesiser

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Semi-modular, analogue synthesiser that combines an extended keyboard layout, larger control knobs, additional modulation sources, a full-size 37 key premium aftertouch-enabled keybed, a first-of-its-kind modular expansion bay, proprietary waveshapers, and a six-stage wave folder for advanced sound shaping, a signature Pittsburgh filter, a unique Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller, analogue echoes with bucket brigade delay chips, an intuitive yet expandable signal path with a 64 point patch bay, a 24hp powered eurorack Modular Expansion Bay for customization, and a comprehensive suite of modular tools including digital and analogue synthesis capabilities, all designed for unparalleled ease of sound sculpting and expressive performance.

At a glance

  • Semi-modular, analogue synthesiser design
  • Extended keyboard layout for enhanced playability
  • Larger control knobs for precise adjustments
  • Additional modulation sources for complex sound design
  • Full-size 37 key premium aftertouch-enabled keybed
  • First-of-its-kind modular expansion bay
  • Proprietary waveshapers and a six-stage wave folder for advanced sound shaping
  • Signature Pittsburgh filter for a warm, smooth sweep through frequencies
  • Unique Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller for organic depth and presence
  • Analog echoes with bucket brigade delay chips for immersive sound environments
  • Intuitive yet expandable signal path with a 64-point patch bay
  • 24hp powered Eurorack modular Expansion Bay for extensive customization
  • A comprehensive suite of modular tools for both digital and analogue synthesis
  • USB/Din MIDI controller capabilities with adjustable octave range

The Pittsburgh Modular Taiga Keyboard is a semi-modular, analogue synthesiser that evolves from the acclaimed Taiga synthesiser. It brings a suite of unique innovations from Pittsburgh Modular into an expressive keyboard instrument. With a larger keyboard layout, enhanced controls, and additional features, the Taiga Keyboard sets a new standard for sound sculpting and ease of performance.

Enhanced Design and Control

The design extends the original Taiga's capabilities into a more accessible and expressive format. By enlarging the keyboard, spreading out the controls, and incorporating larger knobs, it provides an unparalleled ease of sound sculpting during live performances. The addition of extra modulation sources, comprehensive controls, a full-size 37-key premium aftertouch-enabled keybed, and a pioneering modular expansion bay further enhance its versatility and playability.

Advanced Oscillators

The Taiga Keyboard oscillators produce waveforms beyond traditional analogue synthesis, offering shapes and sounds with unique complexity. These waveforms are refined through up to three proprietary waveshapers and a six-stage wave folder, adding layers of depth to the instrument's sonic palette. Each oscillator is fine-tuned with dedicated coarse and fine controls, allowing for precise adjustments across their entire range.

The Pittsburgh Filter

The Pittsburgh filter, a cornerstone of the Pittsburgh Modular sound, delivers a signature warmth and smoothness. This filter is optimised for the Taiga Keyboard, ensuring seamless integration with its oscillators for a rich and dynamic sound output that maintains its full-bodied resonance across the entire frequency spectrum.

Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller

The Taiga Keyboard incorporates the Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller, utilising cutting-edge technology to provide sound with organic depth and presence. This system enhances the synthesiser's voice by managing both amplitude and harmonic content, surpassing traditional VCAs by offering a multidimensional sound experience that feels more natural and complex.

Analog Echoes

Featuring a vintage-inspired analogue delay, the Taiga Keyboard employs a dark, captivating echo effect through a pair of bucket brigade delay chips. This effect enriches the instrument's sound by creating a spacious, immersive auditory environment.

Open Architecture

The Taiga Keyboard is designed with an intuitive signal path for immediate exploration without needing patch cables. It offers a straightforward workflow that becomes infinitely expandable through a 64 point patch bay, transforming it into a fully modular instrument capable of sophisticated sound design.

Modular Expansion Bay

Emphasising its modular heritage, the Taiga Keyboard includes a 24hp powered eurorack Modular Expansion Bay. This feature allows for extensive customisation, enabling users to tailor the instrument to their specific sound and performance requirements by integrating eurorack compatible modules.

Comprehensive Toolset

This synthesiser comes equipped with a broad array of modular tools for both analogue and digital synthesis. The set includes dual mixers, envelope generators, noise, sample and hold for analogue tools, and digital functionalities like MIDI support, an arpeggiator, and sync modulation tools. This extensive toolset supports a wide range of sonic experimentation.

Keybed and MIDI Controls

Reflecting its name, the Taiga Keyboard incorporates a 37-key integrated keyboard with aftertouch, pitch bend, and mod wheel. It also doubles as a USB/Din MIDI controller. The octave range is easily adjustable, enhancing playability and expression.

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