PMC 6-2 (Pair)

3-way Active Studio Monitors

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Three-way active studio monitor designed to offer the same sonic signature as their larger studio monitors in a compact form for smaller control rooms or for use as part of immersive systems.

At a glance

  • Active 3-way nearfield reference monitor with ATL™ bass loading
  • Frequency response: 33Hz - 25kHz (- 3dB @1m full space, on-axis)
  • Max. cont. SPL: 109dB @1m (Half space value calculated as +3dB from full space measurement.
  • Un-weighted input,20-20kHz Pink Noise (IEC) with 12dB CF for 2 hours AES2-1984 duration)
  • State-of-the-art Class-D amplifiers: HF 400W, MF 400W, LF 2x 400W
  • Analogue / AES3 digital input (16/24-bit, 18 -192kHz sample rate)
  • Digital ‘through’ output (AES3 24-bit 96kHz)
  • SoundAlign™ network control interface for single or group EQ & settings
  • Sophisticated DSP crossover, driver protection, EQ, and delay/polarity options
  • PMC6-2 + PMC8-2 SUB = PMC6-2 XBD, with LF down to 25Hz & increased headroom
  • Ceiling-mount yoke allows suspension in multi-channel or immersive systems

The PMC 6-2 is a three-way active studio monitor with two 6-inch woofers, one PMC55 midrange driver and high-performance tweeter and Class D amplification.

The PMC 6-2 uses two custom 6-inch ultra-long-throw bass drivers powered by a cutting edge 400W Class D amplifier. It offers excursions of 20mm for powerful low frequencies with ultra-low distortion. The PMC55’s midrange driver features a distinctive ‘N-compass’ waveguide to extend wide dispersion and midrange projection. Combined with the high-performance 1” soft-dome tweeter, it delivers an ultra-wide and stable image, resulting in a very wide sweet spot and smooth and natural sound.

State-of-the-art Class D amplification is used throughout with 400W powering the midrange driver and 200W for the tweeter in addition to the dual 400W to the woofers. The PMC 6-2 includes PMC’s latest, highly accurate DSP-based crossovers for optimum performance. Configuration of the speaker is done via the controls on the rear or using PMC’s browser-based SoundAlign Software which allows for extensive boundary controls as well as EQ options.

The PMC6-2 offers main-monitor performance in a surprisingly compact speaker thanks to the included ATL (Acoustic Transmission Line) bass loading technology that results in exceptional low-frequency extension while maintaining consistent tonal balance. Furthermore, the latest Laminair airflow technology brings further reduction in colouration as well as efficiency and dynamics improvements.

The PMC 6-2 can be converted to a full range system by adding A PMC 8.2 Sub and selecting the XBD mode to perfectly integrate the units and create and coherent system with an extended frequency response down to 25Hz.

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