PMC IB2S Full Range Passive Studio Monitor (Pair)

Three-way passive studio monitor

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Three-way passive studio monitor with LF 10” carbon fibre and Nomex piston driver and new large soft-dome mid-range driver for improved clarity and definition. (Pair)

At a glance

  • PMC ATL`™ (Advanced Transmission Line) with 4 sections
  • 27mm Twin Chamber fabric Soft dome HF with high performance ferro-fluid cooling
  • PMC 75mm Soft Dome mid range
  • PMC 10`” / 250mm carbon fibre & Nomex`™ piston driver
  • Phenomenal bass response down to 25Hz
  • Matching low profile centre channel (IB1SM-C)
  • Matching SB100 subwoofer to complete a surround system
  • Film filter option: HF Roll off 1.5dB,3dB & Flat
  • Custom speaker stands for optimising performance 840mm (33") High
  • Recommended amp power up to 500W
  • Activation option with Bryston PowerPac 300`™ (IB2S-A) 

The PMC IB2S is a three-way passive studio monitor designed for recording studios, post-production, mastering and broadcast facilities.

The PMC IB2S is based on the highly popular IB1S with similar PMC 10” carbon fibre and Nomex piston driver for the woofer but boasts a brand new large soft-dome mid-range driver that delivers improved clarity and definition, associated with larger main monitors.

The PMC Advanced Transmission Line cabinet design uses four sections and delivers a really tight low-end all the way down to 25Hz. The PMC IB2S would require 500 Watts amplifications and can be activated with the optional Bryston PowerPac 300.

PMC IB2S Passive Studio Monitor Main Feature:

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