PMC QB1A (Pair)

Main Active Studio Monitor

CAP2: 0 £95,000.00
£79,166.67 ex VAT
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Uncompromising 3-way passive studio monitor delivering higher SPLs with virtually no distortion and loss of definition

The PMC QB1-A is a large scale active studio monitor using PMC’s renowned Advanced Transmission Line, Class D amplification, advanced electro-mechanical engineering complemented by advanced DSP control.

The PMC QB1-A delivers up to 132dB of SPL with no compromise of quality thanks to the Class amplifiers powering four 10” carbon fibre/ Nomex piston bass drivers, offering an impressive 4825W per channel of headroom. Despite the high levels, the QB1-A delivers a stunning performance with crystal-clear, transparent audio with an extended frequency response and consistent stereo imaging.

The superior electro-mechanical design is further augmented by DSP to provide driver unit optimisation, EQ and sophisticated crossover networks. The DSP is controlled via a wired RJ45 desktop control providing user-friendly access to EQ settings and store up to four presets.

PMC QB1-A Main Features:

  • Large scale Class D ATL Studio monitors 
  • 4x 10” carbon fibre/Nomex piston bass drivers
  • 4825 W of Headroom per channel
  • 132dB SPL
  • DSP provides driver unit optimisation, EQ and crossover network
  • RJ45 desktop control for EQ settings and preset storage

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