Polyend Tracker

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The Polyend Tracker is a compact, powerful music production workstation, which packs in a Powerful multi-faceted Sampler, MIDI Sequencing, Wavetable Synthesis and much more into a small, portable package.

As it's name suggests, Polyend's Tracker pays homage to the C64 Tracker sequencers of the past, by using trackers inherently quirky, yet highly detailed "top-down" timeline workflow, you can create very intricate and quite unusual pieces of music.

The tracker style sequencer perfectly compliments the wealth of sampling and synthesis tools available on the hardware, letting you build complex patterns, with per step settings for the note, instrument and effects, which partnered with the advanced sampling tools can completely transform your sample library or other source material into a breadth brand new content.

The aforementioned sampling capabilities cover everything from different playback directions, to a superb granular engine, to sample slicing, to full wavetable synthesis derived from your sampled material. Each sample can be looped, and effected and messed with to your heart's content.

Audio and samples can be captured from the mic input, line input, onboard FM radio(!) or streamed directly from the supplied 16GB microSD card. Samples captured from the FM radio can be up to 2mins in length and are saved directly to the card, where they can be effected, modulated and mangled.

Probably one of the most attractive elements of the Tracker, is the Tracker sequencer itself, which can be used to sequence any of the internal instruments and can be used to great effect, to sequence your external MIDI gear, with MIDI CC data transmitted on 6 MIDI channels across on a per-step and per-channel basis, which can transform your existing gear.

Polyend have made a hardware tracker sequencer, with a mega sampler and deep MIDI sequencing capabilities, with a user interface that's configurable, immediate and fun to use.

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