Prism Sound ADA-8XR AES and Pro Tools HD

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The Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR is a high-quality, 24-bit/192 kHz modular multi-channel AD/DA Converter offering the cleanest and most transparent conversion for professional applications in music recording, mixing and mastering as well as for broadcast and post-production.

The Dream ADA-8XR carries on Prism Sound’s design ethos to ensure unparalleled performance, pristine sound quality and superior versatility.  Prism Sound’s digital audio converter is ideal for producers and engineers looking to achieve superior recordings full of depth and detail whether you are recording vocals, drums, acoustic guitar or a full orchestra. At the mixing stage, the ADA-8XR can also provide multiple outputs allowing you to connect to an external summing mixer.

Modular in design, the Dream ADA-8XR can be configured around your setup by the addition of optional modules. Whether you need simply a few channels of incredibly high conversion or a large multi-track setup, the ADA-8XR can provide all the flexibility required. Pro Tools users can for example use the ADA-8XR as a 16 channel AD converter, a 16 channel DA converter or use the 8 analogue i/o (8C-STD-HD module) with or without the addition of 8 AES i/o (with the 8C-STD-HD-AES module). Other configurations let you connect the ADA-8xr to DSD systems or even Native systems such as Logic, Cubase and many more thanks to its Firewire card.

The ADA-8XR also works perfectly as a master clock for your entire system whether you run it from its precision internal reference or from any external source.  What’s more, the ADA-8XR can run in Pro Tools Loop Sync Mode ensuring a precision clock to your Pro Tools HD system.

Prism Sound ADA-8XR Multi-Channel Digital Audio Converter Overview:

Channel Configurations

  • Up to 16 channels of state-of-the-art 24-bit, 192kHz conversion in one great-sounding 2U package.
  • Choice of 8AD plus 8DA; 16AD; 16DA or D-D only configurations.
  • Dual-path architecture allows independent operation of two 8-channel paths:
    • Each path (bank of 8 channels) can be assigned to either record or play functions;
    • Each path can have independent clock references at different sample rates if desired;
    • Each path is independently configurable;
    • Each path can drive analogue and digital outputs simultaneously if desired
    • Allows Source Monitoring with simultaneous A/D and D/A conversion.
  • Electronically balanced, transformerless, galvanically isolated XLR analogue inputs and outputs ensure freedom from noise pick-up and crosstalk, with software-controlled balance and line-up;
  • Prism Sound 'Over-killer' selectable on analogue inputs: the best-sounding gentle limiting for louder masters - with no 'overs';

Digital Interface options

  • AES3,S/PDIF up to 192kHz. Handles & converts 2-wire formats for 96k and 192k;
  • FireWire - for direct connection to DAW software on PC or Mac;
  • Pro Tools|HD - replace 192IO/96IOs; up to 32 channels in and out per Digi Core/Process card;
  • Pro Tools|24 MIX - direct connection in place of 888|IO;
  • DSD - for SACD production, with SDIF2/3 and optional MAC-DSD (Cat5); also allows sample-rate-conversion between any PCM rates;

Clocking and synchronisation

  • Ultimate Prism Sound clock-stability and jitter-rejection for crystal-clear imaging, with independent multiple PLLs for A/D and D/A paths;
  • Locks securely to an external reference working stand-alone or with DAWs.
  • 8-channel LED bargraph with peak hold and status monitoring, switchable between paths.

Monitoring and other features

  • Stereo monitor, with headphones and analogue line AND digital S/PDIF outputs, can monitor any input or output pair, or a panned stereo mix of all eight channels;
  • Built-in Prism Sound 'SNS' noise-shapers for ultimate quality 16-bit & 20-bit transfers;
  • Built-in Prism Sound 'MR-X' word-mapping for lossless recording up to 24-bit, 96kHz on standard DA-88 or ADAT MDMs, or other 16 or 20-bit media;
  • Built-in Prism Sound 'DRE' for 24-bit performance on 16-bit media WITHOUT losing tracks;
  • Intuitive user interface provides fast access to all I/O and processing functions; with continuous display of all settings;
  • Noise-shaping, MRX or DRE processing functions can be also be carried out in 'D-D' mode, including conversion between different digital interface formats;
  • Modular construction allows upgrading of all input and output cards (INCLUDING A/D, D/A, and DSP boards); no need to worry about future converter advances or new interface standards;
  • Internet-upgradable software - loads from your PC or Mac into 'flash' memory inside the ADA-8XR;

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