Prism Sound Callia

USB DAC and Preamplfier

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Audiophile-grade Digital to Analogue converter and digital audio preamplifier. Support PCM up to 384kHz, DSD64 and DSD128

The Prism Sound Callia is an audiophile-grade Digital to Analogue converter and digital audio preamplifier designed for critical music listening.

The Prism Sound Callia delivers stunning sound quality and supports many formats from PCM (at sampling rates between 44.1 kHz and 384 kHz) but also DSD64 and DSD128. Using some of the technology employed in some of its professional range such as ARM cortex processor, clock circuitry and analogue circuitry, the Callia delivers a stellar listening experience of digital files equally at home of the most discerning audiophile environment to professional studios unwilling to compromise on sound quality.

In addition to its incredible Digital to Analogue conversion, the Callia also boasts a powerful new headphone amp capable of delivering high current and low impedance to get the best performance out of your headphones. It provides several operating ranges carefully selected by switch presets at the back of the unit.

Using USB 2 for connectivity also allows you to connect the Calia to your computer or even a tablet supporting UAC2 audio.

Prism Sound Callia Main Features:

  • Plug, play and enjoy your music in all popular formats
  • No-compromise, full Prism Sound audio quality
  • Play in Windows**, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android ***
  • Class-compliant UAC2/USB for best compatibility
  • ASIO drivers for Windows
  • Windows WDM drivers (Vista and later)
  • Play from disc transport/player device via S/P-DIF
  • Optical and co-axial S/P-DIF inputs
  • Playback sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz ****
  • DSD64/128 via DOP (S/P-DIF DSD64 only)*****
  • Automated source selection, with manual override
  • Balanced +14dBu XLR and 2V RCA phono outputs
  • Low-Z headphone output (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Front-panel digital master volume control
  • State-of-the-art clocking with hybrid 2-stage DPLL
  • Fully-floating balanced architecture for low noise

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