PSI Audio AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap, Graphite Black

Analogue active bass trap

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Analogue active bass trap known for its revolutionary impact on room acoustics. It sets itself apart with its easy setup and mobility, requiring no calibration while delivering efficiency comparable to passive absorbers 25 times its size. Operating within the range of 15 Hz to 150 Hz, it effectively reduces resonance time of all room modes by up to 50%. Whether dealing with one or multiple problematic frequencies, the AVAA C20 absorbs all undesired room modes. Launched in 2016, it has gained a reputation as the secret weapon of acoustic treatments and has advanced further in 2023 with the digital AVAA C214. Handmade in Switzerland with meticulous attention to detail, this bass trap stands out in precision and performance compared to mass-produced alternatives.

"“There’s nothing else on the planet that comes close to the performance! It’s amazing the precision, beauty, tightness and control of the bass in my mastering room, thanks to PSI Audio.”"

Bob Katz, Digital Domain (Thomas Heflin, Marley's Ghost, The Knoxville Jazz Orchestra)

At a glance

  • Absorbs room modes between 15Hz and 150Hz
  • 100% Analogue, no DSP, no latency
  • As effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 25 times its size
  • No calibration or settings are required
  • No sound emitted and no alteration of the sound source
  • Two AVAAs will make a significant difference in normal-sized rooms
  • Works in any room: recording, mixing, mastering, listening

The PSI Audio AVAA C20 Graphite Black is an analogue active bass trap designed to revolutionize room acoustics. Its uniqueness lies in its ease of setup and mobility, requiring no calibration. Surprisingly, it boasts an efficiency comparable to passive absorbers that are 25 times its size. The AVAA C20 effectively reduces resonance time across all room modes between 15 Hz and 150 Hz by an impressive 50%.

One of the remarkable features of the AVAA C20 is its broad working range, effectively addressing and absorbing all undesired room modes, be it one, two, three, or more. Its effectiveness spans from 15 Hz to 150 Hz, ensuring an all-encompassing solution for any problematic frequency in this range.

Having first debuted in 2016, the AVAA C20 has earned a reputation as the acoustic treatment's secret weapon and has revolutionized room acoustics. In 2023, this active acoustic treatment also embraced digital technology by introducing the AVAA C214.

A standout advantage of the AVAA C20 is its calibration-free operation. Users need only place it strategically where room modes are most prevalent, and it promptly gets to work, absorbing and mitigating unwanted resonances.

Switzerland plays a pivotal role in creating the AVAA C20, as each unit is meticulously handcrafted in their Swiss workshop. This handmade manufacturing process ensures passionate attention to detail and unparalleled precision in industrial production. Components are matched and adjusted with care, ensuring tolerances cancel each other out, leading to superior performance and consistency.

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