PSI Audio AVAA C214 Digital Active Bass Trap, Graphite Black

Digital active bass trap

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Ingenious digital active bass trap that eliminates resonant frequencies and room modes within the critical 15 Hz to 160 Hz range. Acting like a hole in the wall, it allows sound waves to pass through and leave the room, providing remarkable efficiency and saving space compared to traditional absorbers. The C214's digital technology offers increased adaptability and control, enabling users to adjust sensitivity and manage the device with a smartphone or tablet. Its clever design features two smaller membranes, reducing its footprint and allowing it to be mounted anywhere in the room, making it an elegant and effective solution for acoustics.

"“There’s nothing else on the planet that comes close to the performance! It’s amazing the precision, beauty, tightness and control of the bass in my mastering room, thanks to PSI Audio.”"

Bob Katz, Digital Domain (Thomas Heflin, Marley's Ghost, The Knoxville Jazz Orchestra)

At a glance

  • Absorbs room modes between 15Hz and 150Hz
  • 100% Analogue, no DSP, no latency
  • As effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 25 times its size
  • No calibration or settings are required
  • No sound emitted and no alteration of the sound source
  • Two AVAAs will make a significant difference in normal-sized rooms
  • Works in any room: recording, mixing, mastering, listening

The PSI Audio AVAA C214 is a groundbreaking digital active bass trap that manipulates acoustic impedance, eliminating resonant frequencies and ending room modes. Designed to address frequencies ranging from 15 Hz to 160 Hz without needing calibration or tuning, this innovative device acts like a virtual hole in the wall, allowing sound waves to pass through and exit the room seamlessly.

By leveraging AVAA technology, PSI Audio has achieved a remarkable feat - not just mitigating resonant frequencies for a specific listening spot but for the entire room. This means any room modes within the critical 15 Hz to 160 Hz range will be eradicated, erasing unnecessary rumble that would otherwise be challenging to treat using conventional passive acoustics.

Compared to traditional absorbers of similar size, the AVAA C214 boasts a remarkable, forty-five times more effective efficiency. The result is not only impressive in performance but also space-saving. The C214's digital technology sets it apart from its predecessor, the analogue C20 (which remains available), allowing for increased adaptability and control. Users can easily manipulate its sensitivity through a broader adjustment range, and the device can be conveniently controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, the new control system in the AVAA C214 ensures optimal performance, even when the room's impedance undergoes sudden changes. Its clever design incorporates two smaller membranes instead of a large one, reducing its footprint and providing a more compact, stylish appearance. This means it can be mounted anywhere in the room - on the floor, wall, or ceiling - effortlessly blending with the room's aesthetics while transforming the listening space into an acoustic haven.

AVAA Before and After Acoustic Graph

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