PSI Audio Sub A125-M - Black

Active Subwoofer

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Compact, precise subwoofer designed for mono and surround sound applications and a bass extension for stereo systems. It delivers accurate, full-bodied bass, redefining the traditional subwoofer by focusing on precision and integration with PSI Audio's range of speakers. Handcrafted in Switzerland, the A125-M enhances audio experiences in studios by providing detailed, controlled bass down to 28 Hz. It is ideal for both typical subwoofer setups and as a bass extension, fitting seamlessly into any professional audio environment.

At a glance

  • Ideal for various audio setups, including mono, surround sound, and stereo systems.
  • Provides precise and controlled bass down to 28 Hz.
  • Seamlessly works with PSI Audio's range, including A14-M, A17-M, and A21-M models.
  • Focused on delivering precise, detailed bass rather than just depth and loudness.
  • Suitable for both typical subwoofer configurations and as a bass extension.
  • Manufactured in Switzerland with a focus on detail and quality.
  • Designed to enhance studio audio experiences, removing the need for double-checking on different systems.
  • Ensures a balanced and consistent audio output.
  • Adheres to PSI Audio's commitment to unaltered, high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Can extend the low end and improve the overall performance of larger audio systems.

The PSI Audio Sub A125-M is a compact and precise subwoofer, engineered to fulfil the demanding requirements of professional audio environments. Its innovative acoustic design enables it to serve as a mono subwoofer or LFE in surround setups, or as a bass extension in stereo systems. Harmonising seamlessly with all speakers from PSI Audio's range, the A125-M delivers power with exceptional accuracy.

At the core of studio perfection, the A125-M excels in rendering the low frequencies where sound becomes a tangible, full-body experience. Beyond mere power, this subwoofer's precision creates a lasting impact, offering an exact reproduction of low tones. PSI Audio's commitment to unaltered, high-fidelity sound extends to the bass spectrum, ensuring a gripping experience to revolutionise your studio work. The A125-M eliminates the uncertainty in bass management, providing a trustworthy representation of the lower frequencies, thus enabling complete control and confidence in your production.

Redefining the concept of a subwoofer, the A125-M moves beyond the usual queries of depth and volume to prioritise precision. While standard subwoofers often produce a non-distinct rumble, the A125-M combines power and depth with punch, transients, speed, and accuracy, redefining it as a 'low-frequency precision monitor'.

This innovative approach continues in its design. The A125-M is engineered to extend the low end of PSI Audio loudspeakers while maintaining a flat frequency and phase response. It's not merely an addition of a subwoofer but an expansion of the low-frequency capabilities of the speakers. The result is astounding, particularly with acoustic instruments, revealing every nuance down to 28 Hz with tight, controlled bass.

The Sub A125-M's compact form factor suits typical subwoofer setups and bass extension configurations. A .1 stereo or surround system delivers summed low frequencies with PSI Audio's hallmark precision. Alternatively, paired with each satellite speaker, it extends its frequency range, creating rich, full-range systems with robust power across the spectrum.

Compatible with PSI Audio's entire speaker range, the A125-M is an ideal companion for smaller speakers like the A14-M, A17-M, or A21-M, and even enhances the performance of larger systems by extending the low end and easing the load on the main speakers.

Every unit of the A125-M is handcrafted in Switzerland with meticulous attention to detail. This manual manufacturing process allows for the fine-tuning of components, ensuring optimal performance and quality. From the selection of wood to the final paintwork, every cabinet is crafted with the utmost care, embodying PSI Audio's dedication to excellence in professional audio equipment.

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