PSI Audio Sub A125-M - Red

Active Subwoofer

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Compact, accurate subwoofer designed for mono and surround sound applications and a bass extension for stereo systems. It delivers accurate, full-bodied bass, redefining the traditional subwoofer by focusing on precision and integration with PSI Audio's range of speakers. Handcrafted in Switzerland, the A125-M enhances audio experiences in studios by providing detailed, controlled bass down to 28 Hz. It is ideal for both typical subwoofer setups and as a bass extension, fitting seamlessly into any professional audio environment.

At a glance

  • Ideal for mono, surround sound, and stereo systems
  • Provides precise and controlled bass down to 28 Hz.
  • Seamlessly works with PSI Audio's range, including A14-M, A17-M, and A21-M models.
  • Focused on delivering precise, detailed bass rather than just depth and loudness.
  • Suitable for both typical subwoofer configurations and as a bass extension.
  • Manufactured in Switzerland with a focus on detail and quality.
  • Designed to enhance studio audio experiences, removing the need for double-checking on different systems.
  • Ensures a balanced and consistent audio output.
  • Adheres to PSI Audio's commitment to unaltered, high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Can extend the low end and improve the overall performance of larger audio systems.

The PSI Audio A125-M is a compact and accurate subwoofer, masterfully engineered to serve as a mono subwoofer or LFE in surround sound setups, and as a bass extension in stereo systems. Seamlessly integrating with PSI Audio's range of speakers, the A125-M stands out for its potent yet precise performance, embodying the essence of a low-frequency precision monitor.

In studio sound, the A125-M shines by delivering a tactile, full-body listening experience. It's not just about the raw power; it's the precision that leaves a lasting impression. PSI Audio's commitment to unaltered, high-fidelity reproduction extends to the bass spectrum with the A125-M, ensuring a riveting experience that transforms studio work. This subwoofer removes the guesswork from bass management, accurately representing the lower frequencies. It empowers you to create a balanced sonic landscape, confident that there's no need to recheck on different systems.

Redefining the subwoofer concept, the A125-M challenges the traditional focus on depth and loudness, adding a critical element: precision. Unlike standard subwoofers that offer a vague rumble, the A125-M combines power and depth with punch, transients, speed, and accuracy, hallmarks of PSI Audio products.

The A125-M is meticulously designed to augment the low end of any PSI Audio loudspeaker while maintaining a flat frequency and phase response. It's not merely adding a subwoofer; it's enhancing the speaker's low-frequency capabilities. This approach is particularly effective in reproducing acoustic instruments, revealing every nuance down to 28 Hz with tight, controlled bass.

Offered as the most compact model in PSI Audio's lineup, the A125-M caters to typical subwoofer setups and bass extension configurations. In a .1 stereo or surround system, it delivers the combined low end with PSI Audio's signature precision. When used for bass extension, one A125-M per speaker enriches the frequency range of the satellites, creating full-range systems that excel across the entire spectrum.

The A125-M is an ideal complement to PSI Audio's range of speakers, from the smaller A14-M, A17-M, and A21-M to enhancing larger systems by extending their low end and relieving the main speakers, thereby boosting overall performance.

Each A125-M is handcrafted in Switzerland with meticulous attention to detail. This artisanal approach ensures component matching and adjustment, reducing the tolerance build-up common in industrial production. The cabinets are crafted with the utmost care, from selecting the wood to the final paintwork, reflecting a commitment to quality and precision.

In summary, the PSI Audio A125-M is more than a subwoofer; it's a testament to precision, power, and artisanal craftsmanship, making it a vital asset in any professional audio setup.

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