Pultec EQP-1A Matched Pair

Matched Pair Tube Pultec Equaliser

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Two Pultec units with carefully chosen components for precise stereo matching

The Pultec EQP-1A Matched Pair gives you two Pultec units with carefully chosen components for precise stereo matching.

The Pultec EQP-1A Matched pair is not a simple clone, but the real thing. Built to exacting standard, Dr Steve Jackson has spent years of research to replace discontinued components, with modern equivalent ensuring true sonic integrity and the reliability of modern standards. As a result the new units are indistinguishable from the original units built over 50 years ago.

The Pultec EQP-1A is one of the true legendary EQ, one that has featured on so many classic records due to its incredible ability to sweeten your sound or add weight like no other EQ. Simply passing audio through it will improve your sound and add excitement.

The EQP-1A or “Pultec” for short uses a two shelf design (low and high) with individual boost and cut controls which when combined create a resonant shelf curve. This unique curve lets you boost the low end while notching the frequency above. This results in a deep and tight low frequency ideally suited for kick drums and bass guitars. The high-shelf uses a very similar design but adds a frequency selection for the attenuation control. This lets you add top-end sheen without affecting presence. The shelf frequency points are:

  • Low Shelf Boost/Cut: 20kc, 30kc, 60kc and 100kc
  • High Shelf Boost: 3kc, 4kc, 5kc, 8kc, 10kc, 12kc, 16kc
  • High Shelf Cut: 5kc, 10kc, 20kc

The other aspect of the Pultec sound is the amplification system that includes a valve-driven push-pull gain make-up stage after the EQ, compensating for the loss of volume inherent to passive EQ designs.

Pultec EQP1A Matched Pair Main Features:

  • Boost, cut, or both - it all sounds great
  • Imbue your tracks with the stuff of legend
  • Thank Pultec for decades of amazing recordings
  • Single-channel, two-band equalizer built exactly like the original, legendary Pultec units
  • Combines the vintage character of original Pultecs with the reliability of modern design
  • Incredibly low noise floor for a pure sound
  • Bandwidth control lets you decide how wide a range you're sculpting
  • Separate boost and cut controls provide additional creative potential
  • Low shelf boost: +13.5 dB @ 20, 30, 60, 100 Hz
  • Low shelf attenuate: -17.5 dB @ 20, 30, 60, 100 Hz
  • Mid/high peak boost: +18 dB @ 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 kHz
  • Hi shelf attenuate: -16 dB @ 5, 10, 20 kHz
  • Input transformer: 600 ohms
  • Noise: 92 dB below +10 dBm
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.15% at 10 dBm into 600 ohms
  • Amplifier: Flat 20 Hz to 20 kHz; +/- 0.5 dB

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