Pultec EQP-1S

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The Pultec EQP-1S is a hybrid between of the flagship Pultec EQP-1A and the rare EQP-1S3 boasting different frequency points and curves from the EQP-1A but housed in a similar 3U Chassis.

The Pultec EQP-1S is an identical reproduction of EQP-1S3 as it was designed over 40 years ago. It is the result of years of research by Dr Steve Jackson in finding all the perfect components to precisely match the original specs of vintage units and their unique sonic characteristics. The only difference is the 3U Chassis.

This rare variant of the Pultec EQ delivers the same sonic signature as the original EQP-1A including its uncanny ability to improve your sound simply by passing audio through it. However, the different EQ curves and frequency points offer some small tonal differences and added flexibility that engineers will love.

The EQP-1S uses the same two band passive design as the original Pultec with individual boost and cut controls that can be combined to create a resonant shelf curve, but offers a choice of frequency points and a peak and shelf modes in the high frequency. This unique curve it creates lets you boost one area while the frequency above can be attenuated removing the frequency build-up that are associated with broad shelves. Use it on a kick or bass drum and you will get a solid, deep and tight low end without any of the mud. The HF band adds a choice of independent frequencies for the attenuation control which can easily let you add smooth top end without any harshness. In addition, the EQP-1S gives a choice between peak and shelf modes producing different sonic characteristics. The different frequency points are:

  • Low Shelf Boost/Cut: 30kcs 40kcs, 70kcs and 100kcs
  • High Bell Boost:1kcs, 2kcs, 3kcs, 4kcs, 5kcs, 6kcs, 8kcs, 10kcs, 12kcs
  • High Shelf Boost: 5kcs, 10kcs
  • High Shelf Cut: 5kc, 10kc, 20kc

  • The amplification in the EQP-1S is exactly the same as on the EQP-1A, using a valve-driven push-pull gain make-up stage placed after the EQ, compensating for the loss of volume inherent to passive EQ designs.

    Pultec EQP1-S Matched Pair Main Features:

  • Boost, cut, or both - it all sounds great
  • Imbue your tracks with the stuff of legend
  • Thank Pultec for decades of amazing recordings
  • Single-channel, two-band equalizer built exactly like the original, legendary Pultec units
  • Combines the vintage character of original Pultecs with the reliability of modern design
  • Incredibly low noise floor for a pure sound
  • Bandwidth control lets you decide how wide a range you're sculpting
  • Separate boost and cut controls provide additional creative potential

  • Specifications:

  • 30, 40, 70, 100 CPS shelf boost, 0 - 13.5 dB
  • 30, 40, 70, 100 CPS shelf attenuate, 0 - 17.5 dB
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 KCS peak boost, 0 - 18 dB;
  • 5, 10 KCS shelf boost, 0 - 14 dB
  • 5, 10, 20 KCS shelf attenuate, 0 - 16 dB
  • Input Impedance: ~600 Ohms
  • Output Impedance: ~50 Ohms
  • Noise: 92 dB below +10 dBm
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.15% at +10 dBm into 600 Ohms
  • Amplifier: Flat, 20 CPS to 20 KCS, +/- 0.5 dB
  • Tubes: 1 ea 12AU7, 12AX7, 6X4

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