Semi Modular Synthesiser

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Semi-modular analogue synthesizer featuring dual oscillators, dual envelopes, a multi-mode filter, a 38-point patch panel, built-in keyboard, digital control, FM and AM modulation capabilities, a drive circuit, noise generator, external audio routing, and USB C MIDI connectivity, all designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and sonic exploration.

At a glance

  • Wave-shaping VCO’s, with three switchable / mixable waveforms
  • Multi-mode 2-pole Sallen-Key topology filter with resonance
  • High-quality VCA circuit with a superb overdrive
  • Monophonic USB / MIDI to CV Converter
  • 6 mode arpeggiator with hold
  • Magnetically attached + removable end cheeks
  • Can be powered by USB BUS power
  • Vast expansion possibilities with Eurorack standard 1V/Oct gear

The PWM Malevolent is a feature-rich semi-modular analogue synthesizer, heralding a new musical innovation and versatility era. This instrument, developed by Paul Whittington's company, PWM, encapsulates a fusion of classic synthesizer architecture with contemporary design elements, setting a new benchmark for professional audio equipment.

Core Features and Functional Excellence

At the heart of the PWM Malevolent lies a dual-oscillator design complemented by dual envelopes, a multi-mode filter, and an expansive 38-point patch panel. This flexible semi-modular synthesiser allows users to craft various sounds, from classic analogue to cutting-edge textures. Including a built-in keyboard and digital control mechanisms enhances the playing experience, facilitating seamless integration into studio and live setups.

Collaborative Engineering and Sound Innovation

In partnership with Future Sound Systems, Malevolent's sound architecture promotes sonic exploration and creativity. This collaboration brings together a wealth of experience and expertise, offering users an intuitive and deeply versatile instrument. Drawing on the foundational elements of synthesiser design, it incorporates modern features and connectivity to meet the demands of today's music production environments.

The PWM Malevolent Experience

Designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern music production, the Malevolent stands as a testament to PWM's commitment to quality, innovation, and user-focused design. It provides musicians with a broad sonic palette and an intuitive interface, making it an indispensable tool for studio recording, live performance, and experimental sound creation.

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