Quested V3110 (Pair)

Active 3-way mid-field/main monitor, 150w/150w/700w RMS

CAP2: 0 £8,400.00
£7,000.00 ex VAT
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Active 3-way mid-field/main monitor, 150w/150w/700w RMS

At a glance

  • Quested's highest-rated self-powered monitoring system
  • 3-way design with low-frequency response down to 30 Hz from linear travel, long-throw 10" driver
  • 1000 Watt RMS from a combination of Class A/B and Class D amplification
  • Quested low-fatigue soft-dome high-frequency and mid-range technology
  • Adjustable HF / Midsection to accommodate versatile horizontal or vertical positioning
  • Current-driven, floating drive stage Class A/B power for HF and Mid drivers
  • Dedicated 700 Watt RMS Class D amplifier for improved LF driver dynamics
  • 24 dB/octave crossover slopes for improved drive unit efficiency
  • Very high-power density for cabinet footprint and size

The Quested V3110 is Quested's most powerful active monitor yet has a revolutionary combination of two 150W Class A/B amplifiers for the High and Mid sections, and a 700W "Ultra Cool" Class D module for the long-throw custom 10" driver.

The result is incredible precision and a mid-range performance typical of Quested's custom designs in big studios worldwide.

For Mid and Large size studios, for music or film work, the V3110 is a new benchmark in loudspeaker clarity.

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