Radial EXTC-Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper

Stereo Reamping and DI box

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At a glance

  • Connects guitar effects pedals to pro audio equipment.
  • Enables integration of stereo pedals into recordings.
  • Supports stereo effects pedals like reverbs and delays.
  • Compatible with mono guitar pedals as well.
  • Allows the connection of two pedal chains simultaneously.
  • Converts dry audio signal from line level to instrument level.
  • Facilitates reamping through one or two amplifiers.
  • Offers send jacks for amp connections.
  • Provides flexibility for direct recording from a pedalboard.
  • Features insert receive jacks for easy connectivity.
  • Adjustable receive level control for precise sound shaping.

The Radial EXTC Stereo provides a seamless solution for integrating stereo guitar effects pedals into your recording setup by facilitating connections between these pedals and professional audio equipment like recording interfaces and mixing consoles. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for your music production.

With the EXTC-Stereo, you can effortlessly link stereo effects pedals, including reverbs and delays, to the line-level inputs and outputs of your recording interface or console. Whether you want to infuse drum overheads with the richness of a multi-tap delay or infuse a fresh dimension into a stagnant keyboard patch using a flanger or chorus pedal, this versatile tool has you covered. Explore its potential on vocals, strings, or any pre-recorded tracks to inject a fresh creative spark into your mixes and reinvigorate your existing pedal collection.

EXTC-Stereo Applications

Achieving Stereo Effects with Reamping: The EXTC-Stereo is the vital link between your recording interface and stereo guitar pedals, simplifying applying your beloved pedal effects to pre-existing audio tracks. This ingenious device transforms the dry audio signal from line to instrument level, enabling seamless processing through your pedals. It subsequently elevates it back to line level for recording the transformed results.

Radial EXTC Stereo Reamping

Connecting mono guitar pedals: The EXTC-Stereo seamlessly accommodates mono guitar pedals, offering you the same level of compatibility and versatility. You have the option to connect two separate pedal chains simultaneously, effectively doubling your creative potential. Plug one pedal chain into the left insert jacks on the EXTC-Stereo and the other into the right insert jacks.

Radial EXTC Stereo Dual Mono Reamping

Reamping through Single or Dual Amplifiers: The EXTC-Stereo offers the versatility to function like traditional Reamp® boxes, facilitating the routing of your tracks through an amplifier. Simply connect the send jacks to your amplifier inputs and employ a microphone to capture the ensuing sonic outcomes.

Direct Recording from Your Pedalboard: Utilizing the EXTC-Stereo, you can link your instrument and pedalboard directly to the line-level inputs on your recording equipment. Connect your pedalboard to the insert receive jacks and adjust the receive level control.

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