Radial JDX 500 Reactor Speaker Simulator

500 Reactor Speaker Simulator


500 Series Module Guitar amp interface and cabinet simulator, reactive load captures sound from head and cabinet.

At a glance

  • Guitar amp interface and cabinet simulator
  • Reactive load captures sound from head and cabinet
  • Direct record option for quick tracking
  • Delivers consistent great tone each time
  • 100% discrete electronics
  • Mil-spec circuit board
  • Gold plated 15-pin card edge
  • Radial Workhorse and API Lunchbox compatible

The Radial JDX Reactor is a unique guitar amplifier interface designed to capture the tone of a 4x12 cabinet by either recording 'direct' or by interfacing the Reactor via an amplifier head and cabinet.

This makes the Radial JDX Reactor ideal for fast-paced recording environments such as film and gaming where take after take consistency is required.

The most astonishing results are obtained when patching the JDX in between a head and cabinet. The JDX captures the sound from the head while the reactive load captures the back electro-magnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. Advanced multistage filters shape the tone to emulate the sound of a 4x12 half stack.

For quick tracks and overdubs, you can plug your guitar into distortion and then into the JDX and get a great consistent sound without having to move mics around or trying to manage variables such as room acoustics and amp levels. With the Radial JDX Reactor 500 series module, bass amps can join into the fun! Use the standard 4x12 emulation to capture the robust mid-range tone of an SVT or power up the bottom end using the low-frequency extension. Choice of 100 and 300-watt settings are available. The onboard low-pass filter gently smoothes the top end to tame overtly bright amps.

The JDX employs 100% discrete electronics and transformer isolation to create the analogue tone and the 500 series modular format makes it super easy to Reamp a track and warms it up.

As with all Radial 500 series modules, the JDX is backwards compatible with older racks while integrating all of the new capabilities found in the Workhorse including direct connection to the mix buss and the Omniport, which in this case is designated as a direct box out to capture the live performance.

Plug & play easy to use, the JDX lets you record without having to mic your guitar amp each time. It delivers tremendous consistency from track to track while producing the realism of a 4x12 half stack cabinet.

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