Radial JS2

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2 way mic signal splitter, featuring Jensen transformers.

At a glance

  • 100% isolation to eliminate ground loops
  • Jensen transformer-equipped for best sound
  • Microphone or line level signal handling
  • Compact design - may be J-Rak mounted
  • Ultra-rugged 14-gauge steel construction

The Radial JS-2 is a Jensen Transformer equipped 2-way mic signal splitter that allows a balanced source to drive multiple destinations via standard XLR connectors.

This passive device features a premium nickel laminated core transformer for exceptionally low harmonic distortion without the usual phase shift caused by lesser steel core transformers.

The undisputed benefit of 100% transformer isolation inside the Radial JS-2 provides better than -90dB common mode noise rejection (CMR), thus eliminating troublesome hum & buzz caused by stray voltage and ground loops. These ‘problem-solvers' offer a simple yet highly effective interface for microphones or direct boxes, and with the addition of the -30dB pad, consumer and line-level devices may be employed without distortion or fear of overload due to saturation.

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