Radial MC3 Studio Monitor Control

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Passive studio monitor controller with two stereo outputs, sub and heaphone outputs delivering a distortion-free signal

At a glance

  • Passive studio monitor switcher with headphone amp
  • Control two sets of monitors and sub woofer
  • Mono sum for AM radio compatibility and phase check
  • Individual 'set & forget' controls to fine-tune levels
  • Double-sided military-grade circuit board
  • Extra durable switches
  • Dual headphone outputs plus a 3.5 jack headphone out for monitoring with earbuds
  • Straight wire passive circuit for distortion-free signal

The Radial Engineering MC3 is a passive studio monitor control designed to switch between two sets of studio monitors, subwoofers and headphones to help engineers hear how their mixes translate on different sound systems.

The Radial Engineering MC3 studio monitor controller features a totally passive design which avoids any colouration and distortion providing an incredibly transparent sound and accurate monitoring. With independent level controls for each output this passive studio monitor controller allows you to set all independent levels to find the ideal balance. In addition Radial MC3 features a Sub output which can be toggled independently with a 180 degree polarity switch to deal with room modes.

The Radial MC3 also features on its front panel, a general level control to set the general output as well as a separate headphones level which controls all headphone outputs. In addition, Radial Engineering have graced their monitor controller with a general DIM switch to momentarily drop the playback level for either quickly hear something quiet or simply to communicate with someone in the room. A Mono switch lets you check your mixes and ensure they sound their best in mono when played back on the radio or in clubs.

Although its primary function is to be used as a studio monitor controller to check how different mixes translate on different systems, the MC3 can also be used as a multi-channel matrix controller, with the possibilitie to control the levels of a sub or simply matching the levels on a quadraphonic or 5.1 system.

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