Radial Space Heater 8-channel Tube Drive and Summing Mixer

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Feature-packed 8-channel Tube drive and summing mixer with 12AX7 Tube Line Amplifier, Eclipse transformers.

The Radial Space Heater is an 8-channel Tube drive and summing mixer designed to add character and separation to DAW based mixes.

The Radial Space Heater uses a 12AX7 tube line amplifier and Eclipse transformers to fatten up the sound and produces a massive bottom end. A 3-way switch then lets you choose the applied voltage to the valve offering sounds ranging from Lo-fi, Mid-fi and Hi-fi.

The eight channels are setup in four stereo pairs with DB25 or ¼” TRS inputs. Each stereo pair is designed to be fully 100% discreet ensuring that they can be treated independently or sent to a stereo mix bus. Each stereo pair features its own drive control to add different amount of amount of colour. A level control is also included to set the output level of the stereo pair. A Heat switch gives the user the opportunity to apply 25, 50 or 100 volts to the valve according to the desired fidelity. Lower values will incur more distortion while higher voltages will ensure higher fidelity. High Pass filtering is included on all four stereo pairs to help clean up a mix.

To allow for expansion, all eight channels have separate send and receive insert jacks with the send output working as a separate output with the D-Sub allowing for parallel processing. 

The master section features a level control, headphone amp, XLR and TRS outputs. Despite being feature-packed the Radial Space Heater is only 1U and fits in any 19” rack frame. An external power Supply is included and accepts anything between 100V or 240V  

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