Radial Workhorse Powerhouse 10-slot 500-Series Rack

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10-slot 500-series 19” rack featuring an easy-glide slider tray, wealth of XLR and Jack I/O allowing for flexible routing and innovative link and feed functions.

At a glance

  • 10-slot design for maximum density
  • Individual XLR & ¼" TRS i/o on each slot
  • Easy-Glide module alignment tray
  • Innovative feed and link functions

The Radial Workhorse Powerhouse is a rack for 500-series format desgined to accommodate up to 10 500-series modules in a 19" rack frame.

The Radial Workhorse Powerhouse features an easy-glide slider tray that makes it extremely easy to align the PCB connector when you insert, remove or swap modules. An inspired update on the original 500-series rack designs, the Radial Powerhouse incorporates a unique feed switch that instantly connects the signal to the following module, enabling the creation of signal chains without the need for additional cables. Thanks to a wide range of connectivity options including both XLRs and Jack input and output, Radial's Powerhouse 500-series rack allows for easy cross patching and parallel signal processing adding much more flexibility to your 500-series based system. In addition, the Powerhouse allows for easy stereo operation with a switchable stereo link function.

In terms of power, the Powerhouse, like other Workhorse units by Radial, use an extremely intelligent distribution system that lets you share its 1600milliams power as needed. Replacing the traditional 130 milliamps per slot design, the Radial Workhorse's power supply can accommodate hungry modules like valve preamps while allowing enough power to all the other modules for optimum performance. What's more, the Powerhouse is equipped with extra safety features allowing for the mixing and matching of various modules and manufacturers.

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