Radial Workhorse SixPack 6-Slot 500-Series Rack

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Portable 6-slot 500-series Rack with Feed and Stereo link switch, XLR, ¼” TRS I/O and Omniport connection for unparalleled flexibility

At a glance

  • Portable 6 slot power rack with carry handle
  • Perfect for stereo channels or as a studio side car
  • Powerful 1600 milliamp supply will not sag when loaded
  • Workstation ready with front panel convenience XLRs

The Radial Sixpack is a portable 6-slot 500-series rack designed to be used in the studio or on the road.

The Radial Sixpack lets you easily insert and power up to six modules and features a wealth of connectivity at the rear including XLR and ¼" TRS inputs and outputs as well as 25-pin D-sub parallel connections Ensuring perfect integration with any setup. In addition these numerous connections are an engineer's dream allowing for the mult'ing, parallel processing and even cross patching. In addition, the Sixpack features an Omniport ¼" TRS jack which is already used by numerous Radial 500-series modules. Use this Omniport for instrument input on mic preamps, key input for side-chaining compression and more.

The Sixpack also uses a Feed switch connecting one module to the following one easily avoiding unnecessary disconnecting and reconnecting at the back of the unit. An additional switch lets you choose between dual mono and stereo operation with stereo-ready modules.

The Radial Sixpack features 1600 milliamps of current shared between each slots depending on the module requirements. This lets you plug any power-hungry module such as valve preamps and have enough juice to power all the other modules. Built for use in studios and on the road, the SixPack boasts a heavy 14 gauge steel construction providing durability and superior magnetic fields shielding, as well as a 5-pin locking XLR power supply to reduce induced noise. Like all other models in the Workhorse series, the Sixpack also features extra safety built-in to protect modules in case of accidents.

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