Radial WR-8 Workhorse 500-Series Rack

8-Slot 500-Series Power Supply / Rack


8-slot 500-series rack 19” rack featuring an easy-glide slider tray, wealth of XLR and ¼” TRS I/O allowing for flexible routing and link and feed switches

At a glance

  • 500-series power rack with room for 8 modules
  • Upgrades to full Workhorse with optional mixer
  • 100% compatible with older API type racks
  • Over 20% more current than the original spec

The Workhorse WR-8 is a trimmed-down version of the Workhorse power rack without the 8 channel summing mixer.

The Radial WR-8 Workhorse can accommodate both Radial and other 500-series modules up to a total of eight which can be easily inserted thanks to Radial's innovative slide-in tray. Like other units in the Workhorse series, the WR-8 features a wealth of connections at the back including XLR and ¼" TRS Inputs and outputs as well as parallel connections via D-Sub. Combined with a unique a truly innovative Feed switch that lets you connect modules in series, the WR-8 Workhorse delivers the flexibility engineers required with mult'ing, parallel processing and cross patching.

Unlike the original Lunchbox design by API, the Radial Workhorse offers a Link switch that lets you easily select between dual mono and stereo operation. Radial has also included a unique Omniport ¼" TRS connector increasing further the Workhorse's flexibility. Radial 500-series modules already use the Omniport connector for many different functions such as instrument input on preamps, key input for side-chain processing or direct box output for stage use.

Another upgrade from the original 500-series design, the WR-8 workhorse provides much more power with 1600 milliamps spread over the 8 slots. This enables you to use power-hungry modules such as valve preamps and have enough power to use comfortably all your other modules. In addition the WR-8 Workhorse features a protective circuit preventing problems in case of improper connections.

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