Retro Instruments Doublewide I (Original Version)

Valve Compressor for 500-Series

CAP2: 0 £1,295.00
£1,079.17 ex VAT
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Dual-slot single-channel valve compressor for 500-series rack, featuring four NOS 6BJ6 variable-mu tubes, Cinemag transformers, variable attack and recovery time.

At a glance

  • Single channel tube compression in a two-slot 500 series module
  • Continuously variable input and output levels with fixed threshold
  • Continuously variable attack and recovery time
  • Single and Double time-constants
  • Fully complementary push-pull signal path
  • Cinemag transformer balanced, fully-floating Input and Output
  • Hard wire bypass switch with gold-plated contacts
  • Gold-plated edge card connections
  • Stainless steel chassis construction
  • Side-accessible meter zero trim
  • Uses new-old-stock U.S. Tubes
  • Authentic U.S.-made Simpson gain reduction meter.
  • Hand built and tested in the U.S.

The Retro Instruments Doublewide is a dual-slot single-channel tube compressor for 500-series inspired by the legendary Sta-Level but with a personality of its own.

The Retro Doublewide features four NOS 6BJ6 variable-mu valves in two gain stages as well as two high-quality Cinemag transformers in a push-pull topology, helping achieve the sonic characteristics of full-sized tube compressors. Like other Vari-mu compressors, the Doublewide's attack and recovery times are continuously variable, but like the Sta-Level and 176, it features two different time characteristics; Single and Double. Double mode delivers dynamic program-dependent attack and recovery times. The Retro Doublewide is ideal for delicate sources such as bass and vocals delivering adding weight and punch to the sound.

The Doublewide is built to the same standard as other Retro units exuding quality through and through and ensuring years of use and reliable service. Special circuitry has been employed to avoid inrush and component stress when power is applied. The Retro Doublewide requires a power of 6Watts and 180 milliamps, well within the two-slot power tolerance. In addition, the tubes are self-biased and balanced ensuring an optimal sound and behaviour without user intervention even when the tubes need replacing. The tubes are easy to replace and readily available.

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