RME ADI-2-FS 2 channel AD/DA converter

AD/DA Converter

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Compact and extremely flexible 2-channel high-end AD/DA converter offering first-class AD/DA conversion, versatile connectivity, SteadyClock FS technology, robust digital and analogue performance, and suitability for both studio and mobile use with a wide range of professional features.

At a glance

  • Two servo-balanced analogue line inputs via XLR/phones combo jacks
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced phone jacks
  • Adjustable high-power headphone output
  • ADAT-compatible optical SPDIF I/O
  • Coaxial SPDIF I/O (RCA, AES/EBU compatible)
  • Advanced circuit design from ADI-2 Pro
  • Low noise and distortion
  • Extended frequency response
  • SteadyClock FS technology
  • Coaxial RCA SPDIF I/O with switchable Channel Status
  • Optical TOSLINK I/Os up to 192 kHz
  • Functional front panel with informative status display
  • 6-LED level meter
  • High Power headphone output with doubled power
  • Versatile digital format conversion
  • Analogue bypass mode
  • Balanced to unbalanced conversion
  • External switching power supply

The RME ADI-2 FS is a compact, highly flexible 2-channel high-end AD/DA converter designed for seamless AD/DA conversion from/to SPDIF, AES, and ADAT formats at up to 192 kHz.

The RME ADI-2 FS stands out for its versatile connectivity. It features two servo-balanced analogue line inputs via XLR/phones combo jacks, balanced XLR and unbalanced phone jacks, an adjustable high-power headphone output, ADAT-compatible optical SPDIF I/O, and coaxial SPDIF I/O (RCA, AES/EBU compatible). This broad range of connectivity options ensures the most flexible and uncompromised signal transmission.

The analogue inputs utilise advanced circuit design from the renowned ADI-2 Pro, delivering exceptionally low noise and distortion alongside an extended frequency response. Three input and output level settings provide perfect compatibility in the analogue domain.

SteadyClock FS Technology

RME's SteadyClock FS technology offers maximum jitter suppression and minimal self-jitter, ensuring superb sound quality regardless of the reference clock's quality. The ADI-2 FS also incorporates conversion technology from the ADI-2 Pro, employing the AK557x and AK4490 families to deliver 192 kHz sampling frequency, minimal distortion, and a dynamic range of 120 dBA.

Digital Connectivity

The ADI-2 FS provides robust digital connectivity. Its coaxial RCA SPDIF I/O includes a switchable Channel Status, making it fully AES/EBU compatible (with a cable adapter). The optical TOSLINK I/Os handle up to 192 kHz and serves as ADAT I/O, supporting operation with SPDIF input and ADAT output or vice versa, in both AD/DA and D-D modes.

User Interface

The front panel features functional buttons, an informative status display, and a 6-LED level meter, while the organised back panel facilitates straightforward operation. The High Power headphone output boasts doubled power at 0.45 watts per channel, 0.1-ohm output impedance, a maximum output level of +19 dBu, and very low output noise, ensuring universal applicability from IEM to Planar.


The ADI-2 FS excels in versatility. When set to DIG, it functions as a digital format converter with simultaneous monitoring, using the DA converter for monitoring digital input signals. In ANA mode, it connects analogue output circuitry directly to the analogue input, allowing its use as an analogue preamp with variable gain and attenuation. It can also convert balanced to unbalanced signals and vice versa, with step-less volume adjustment via the front panel knob.

Power Supply

The included external switching power supply, with a lockable connector, supports a wide operating voltage range of 9-15 volts. This allows the ADI-2 FS to operate with battery power for mobile use or in applications requiring galvanic isolation.

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