RME ARC USB - Advanced Remote Control

Advanced Remote Control for RME Audio Interfaces

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Designed for effortless interaction with TotalMix FX, streamlining access to frequently used functions in studio applications. As a USB 1.1 (UAC1) MIDI remote control compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, it seamlessly integrates into the operating system without requiring manual toggling. Its broad compatibility spans RME audio interfaces dating back to 2001, establishing a direct link via USB to TotalMix FX. With minimal power consumption, the ARC USB accommodates longer USB 2 cables, and for UFX+ and UFX II users, it offers a direct connection. Noteworthy is its ability to control multiple interfaces simultaneously, assigning functions through TotalMix FX's Key Commands dialog, providing a versatile and efficient remote control solution for RME Audio Interfaces.

At a glance

  • Monitor Controller for RME audio interfaces and Sound Cards
  •  Control all of your inputs and outputs directly from the ARC USB
  •  User-definable buttons to suit a range of applications
  •  Save and Load Presets
  •  Functions include;
    • Level control
    • Mono On/Off
    • Mute/Solo
    • Dim and Level Recall
    • Cue
    • Talkback
    • External Input and more

The RME ARC USB is an advanced remote control meticulously crafted for seamless interaction with TotalMix FX, offering swift access to frequently used functions in the studio environment. This wired remote proves indispensable in daily studio applications, streamlining workflows and significantly enhancing the usability of RME interfaces in practical scenarios.

Functioning as a USB 1.1 (UAC1) MIDI remote control, the ARC USB is inherently compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Upon integration into the operating system, TotalMix FX effortlessly detects and communicates with the ARC USB, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with other remote controls. Notably, there's no need to toggle the ARC USB on or off within TotalMix FX—it seamlessly operates upon connection.

The ARC USB's compatibility extends across multiple RME audio interfaces, dating back to models released as early as 2001, thanks to its communication with TotalMix FX via USB. Once connected to a computer, every button press or wheel turn triggers the corresponding action in TotalMix FX, seamlessly influencing the connected RME audio interface.

For UFX+ and UFX II users, the ARC USB provides a direct connection, leveraging the unique internal USB 1.1 host with a matching connector. This feature proves particularly convenient in stand-alone mode, with support from the UFX+ and UFX II.

Operating as a bus-powered device with minimal power consumption, the ARC USB utilizes USB 1.1 as its standard, making it compatible with longer USB 2 cables without compromising performance. RME recommends active USB 2 cables for extended lengths, ensuring reliable operation over distances exceeding 20 meters.

A standout feature of the ARC USB is its ability to control multiple interfaces simultaneously. The Key Commands dialogue in TotalMix FX caters to the currently selected audio interface, allowing users to assign specific functions to each interface. Consequently, the ARC USB keys and encoder wheel seamlessly manipulate the designated interface without additional switching or selection during regular operation.

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