RME Fireface 802 FS

USB Audio Interface

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State-of-the-art 60-channel, high-end 192 kHz USB audio interface designed for live and studio applications. Boasting top-tier audio recording, exceptional stability, and ultra-low latency, this pro audio solution features newly developed circuitry, TotalMix FX integration, and a host of professional features. With 30 inputs and 30 outputs, it provides flexibility and performance, while its innovative design includes high-transparency preamps, DC-coupled outputs for modular synthesizers, and compatibility with Class Compliant mode. The interface also supports standalone operation, ARC USB control, and comes bundled with powerful applications like TotalMix FX DSP mixer and DigiCheck Analyzer. In essence, the Fireface 802 FS sets a new standard for audio interfaces, delivering unmatched flexibility and professional-grade performance.

The RME Fireface 802 FS is a cutting-edge 60-channel, high-end 192 kHz USB audio interface meticulously crafted for live and studio applications. Tailored for discerning users with a demand for top-tier audio recording, unwavering stability, and ultra-low latency functionality, this pro audio solution boasts an unparalleled professional feature set.

Featuring 30 inputs and 30 outputs encompassing both analogue and digital I/O, the Fireface 802 FS incorporates newly developed circuitry, elevating performance to new heights. It embraces RME's TotalMix FX, a digital high-end mixer and signal router empowered by potent DSP with integrated EQ, Dynamics, and Reverb/Echo effects operating at up to 192 kHz. This and a built-in monitoring controller provide robust, flexible control over all audio channels.

TotalMix FX extends its influence beyond conventional use, offering optional Class Compliant mode and compatibility with TotalMix FX for iPad. This iPad app ensures direct control over the Fireface 802 FS without needing a computer, presenting metering for all 60 channels, effects bus, various setup screens, and comprehensive control of all features.

The Fireface 802 FS excels in ultra-low latency operation, leveraging RME's renowned USB driver technology and stability. SteadyClock FS jitter suppression, individually switchable reference levels, and consistent performance on both Windows PC and Mac platforms contribute to a seamless audio experience.

At its core, the Fireface 802 FS is built upon a newly developed analogue and digital board. The front panel showcases four high-performance XLR/TRS combo inputs, accommodating microphone, instrument, and line signals, along with two stereo headphone jacks delivering a +17dBu output level for high-volume monitoring.

Turning to the rear panel, the Fireface 802 FS reveals a comprehensive array of connectivity options, including MIDI, Word Clock I/O, two optical ADAT I/Os, AES/EBU I/O, and eight balanced analogue line-level inputs and outputs. The innovative Multi-Mode allows the ADAT I/Os to function as separate optical SPDIF inputs and outputs in addition to the AES I/O.

Boasting four high-transparency preamps, the Fireface 802 FS ensures crystal-clear audio reproduction with ultra-low latency converters. Like the OctaMic II, the preamps deliver minimal distortion, exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, and linear frequency response, catering to a diverse range of audio inputs.

Operating in driver-based USB 2 and Class Compliant modes, the Fireface 802 FS provides flexibility for different setups. Class Compliant mode, with its native Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux support, eliminates the need for proprietary drivers. Full USB 2.0 support in Class Compliant mode enables driverless operation for Linux, Mac, and iPadOS.

Included with the Fireface 802 FS are powerful applications such as the TotalMix FX DSP mixer and DigiCheck Analyzer, which offer comprehensive routing, monitoring, and precision measurement of digital data feeds. The TotalMix Remote, a remote control for TotalMix FX, facilitates real-time adjustment of mixer and FX settings from a distance via Ethernet and WiFi.

With DC-coupled outputs, the Fireface 802 FS opens avenues for CV/Gate voltage control, catering to the unique needs of modular synthesizers. The optional ARC USB enhances user control, offering plug-and-play connectivity to TotalMix FX.

Adding to its features, the Fireface 802 FS supports standalone operation with setup recall, allowing configuration via iPad, MIDI remote, or ARC USB. Six memory slots facilitate the permanent storage of configurations for independent operation without a computer.

Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) and other RME technologies, such as SyncCheck, further enhance the Fireface 802 FS's functionality by providing a clock status display and quick detection of clock issues.

In summary, the RME Fireface 802 FS redefines the landscape of high-end audio interfaces, offering unmatched flexibility, professional-grade performance, and a comprehensive feature set for both live and studio environments.

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