RME Fireface UFX III

USB 3.0 Audio interface

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Powerful all-in-one solution for modern recording studios, live audio playback systems, and multi-channel location recording rigs, with the ability to handle up to 188 channels (94 Inputs / 94 Outputs).

At a glance

  • USB 3.0 (full 94 channel I/O Class Compliant; USB-C compatible)
  • SteadyClock FS
  • Powerful integrated DSP
  • TotalMix FX
  • TotalMix Remote
  • DURec (Direct USB Recording)
  • MADI I/O (64 channels)
  • And support for the Advanced Remote Control USB (sold separately)

The Fireface UFX III is a powerful all-in-one solution for modern recording studios, live audio playback systems, and multi-channel location recording rigs, with the ability to handle up to 188 channels (94 Inputs / 94 Outputs).

The Fireface UFX III combines unprecedented versatility and compatibility with RME's acclaimed low latency hardware and driver designs, ensuring perfect performance for any multi-channel recording application while adding DURec (Direct USB Recording) gives broad choices for backup recordings and stand-alone operation.

The Fireface UFX III has four high-performance XLR/TRS combination inputs for microphone, instrument, and line signals, two stereo headphone jacks with +19 dBu output level, MIDI I/O, and a USB port on the front panel.

When used with the DURec function (Direct USB Recording), the USB port allows for independent recording of defined input and output signals (up to 80 channels) to a connected USB storage device.

The two ADAT I/Os and the AES I/O can now be utilised as independent optical SPDIF inputs and outputs with the new Multi-Mode. The Fireface UFX III includes an optical MADI interface (SC) with 64 bidirectional channels. The Word Clock connections (BNC) function as extra coaxial MADI input and output if necessary.

The Fireface UFX III provides access to various RME and third-party digital and analogue I/O options.

The ability to route/mix within the digital realm through many sources expands your analogue channel count and provides many versatile possibilities. Several external MADI devices can be linked in series as well.

The Fireface UFX III includes specific RME-style capabilities to increase MADI versatility. In USB 2 mode, for example, which limits I/O to 30 channels (12 analogue + 16 ADAT plus AES), MADI I/O is still available via RME's inbuilt hardware mixer TotalMix FX.

Word Clock I/O (BNC) may be converted to MADI I/O (coaxial), and a unique split mode allows you to utilise both MADI I/Os simultaneously, with 32 channels on optical and coaxial.

RME's newest digital clocking and jitter rejection technology, 'SteadyClock FS,' is also included in the RME Fireface UFX III.

SteadyClock FS, initially created for RME's award-winning ADI-2 Pro FS family of high-end converters, decreases intrinsic jitter to an all-time low while converting to and from analogue overall digital formats.

All clock modes deliver outstanding performance and shockingly high-quality analogue conversion, letting you hear your mix precisely as it is.

RME's digital format conversion occurs without signal loss. SteadyClock FS assures that your sonic image will never degrade, guaranteeing that the soundstage is duplicated to incredible depth and clarity.

The TotalMix FX DSP mixer, which provides comprehensive routing and monitoring options for all analogue and digital audio channels, is included with the Fireface UFX III, as is the DIGICheck Analyzer, which allows users to measure and analyse digital audio data feeds (in both directions) with maximum precision.

TotalMix FX can replace an external mixer, allowing you to create numerous latency-free monitor mixes with EQ, Dynamics, Reverb, and Delay for any output, including main monitors, submixes, and musician headphone mixes.

TotalMix Remote, a free companion programme, is a network-controllable remote for TotalMix FX, allowing control of the interface's hardware mixer and effects from another Mac, PC, or iPad, even remotely via Wi-Fi.

TotalMix Remote on the iPad and Windows/Mac PCs mimics the current state of the host system - the whole mixing state, comprehensive routing, all FX settings, up to the level metres, and everything in real-time.

Most audio interfaces have typically been constructed using AC-coupled outputs, which employ capacitors to filter out extremely low frequencies.

While these frequencies are generally considered undesirable for audio, as they consume headroom and may cause damage to other equipment, one application where DC-coupling is still desirable is in the world of modular synthesisers, where static or slow-moving signals are used to control various parameters such as pitch note values or LFOs.

The Fireface UFX III's line-level outputs are all fully DC-coupled, allowing control voltages (CV) or Gate information to be sent to modular synthesisers (such as the popular Eurorack and Moog/MOTM/Synthesizers formats) and other studio devices.

The Fireface UFX III has two modes of operation: driver-based and Class Compliant.

Class Compliant mode is a standard natively supported by operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux variants, allowing the Fireface UFX III to operate as a Plug 'n' Play device. No proprietary drivers are necessary when the CC firmware is loaded; the device will be recognised immediately.

RME's first audio interface with complete USB 3.0 capability in Class Compliant Mode is the Fireface UFX III. All channels are now accessible in the driverless mode for Linux, Mac, and iPadOS.

On TotalMix FX for iPad and on the system level, an iPad Pro with USB-C can manage up to 94 channels for recording and playback.

The ARC USB is a remote control that is available as an option for the Fireface UFX III and all other RME devices that use TotalMix FX.

TotalMix FX's most often used features are accessible through 15 user-assignable lighted buttons, one encoder wheel, and a TS connector (for attaching a foot switch).

The ARC USB may be linked to the Fireface UFX III directly through the second USB port on the rear of the interface or to a USB port on a Mac or PC.

The RME ARC USB is a UAC 1 class device that is natively compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. TotaIMix FX will immediately recognise the ARC USB and communicate with it using simple MIDI remote instructions to operate the UFX III as soon as it is present in the operating system.

DURec is a built-in digital recorder that records all inputs and outputs to USB memory devices through the front USB connection. The Fireface UFX III records on USB thumb drives or hard drives with capacities of up to 2 TB.

The onboard DSP provides recording capabilities. Therefore, it is not dependent on a linked Windows or Mac computer. The Direct USB Recording feature turns the Fireface UFX Series into a standalone field recorder and a powerful multichannel live player for prior recordings, such as virtual sound checks.

Live performances, band rehearsals, or impromptu jam sessions may all be recorded and played back directly from the medium - even without the need for a computer or software.

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