RME M-1610-PRO

AD/DA Converter

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High-performance audio converter featuring 16 analogue inputs, 8 analogue outputs, a headphone output, coaxial and optional optical MADI, redundant AVB, four ADAT optical outputs, redundant DC-coupled outputs, front panel controls, remote control via web interface, integrated routing matrix, TRS jacks, optional RME MADI SFP module, and SteadyClock FS technology for low jitter and high jitter immunity.

At a glance

  • 16 analogue inputs with switchable sensitivity
  • 8 analogue outputs
  • Additional headphone output
  • Coaxial and optional optical MADI
  • Redundant AVB
  • Four ADAT optical outputs
  • Redundant DC-coupled outputs
  • Front panel controls with encoder and buttons
  • Remote control via web interface over network links
  • Integrated routing matrix
  • TRS jacks for alternative connections
  • Redundant network ports
  • Optional RME MADI SFP module
  • SteadyClock FS technology for low jitter and high jitter immunity

The RME M-1610 Pro is a high-performance audio converter. It integrates 16 analogue inputs with switchable sensitivity up to +24 dBu per channel, eight corresponding analogue outputs, and an additional headphone output, offering extensive analogue I/O for studio setups.

Analogue and Digital Connectivity

With its coaxial and optional optical MADI, redundant AVB, four ADAT optical outputs, and redundant DC-coupled outputs, the M-1610 Pro is one of the most versatile and high-performing converters available.

User-Friendly Interface

Control all device states directly from the front panel with an encoder and buttons, enabling convenient access to all features. RME AVB devices can also be fully remote-controlled via a web interface on any network link, including Wi-Fi, allowing for rapid creation of gain groups, phantom power switching, and routing of signals to headphones for monitoring. The integrated routing matrix provides quick routing of analogue inputs straight to the headphone output and all digital signals and AVB streams, simplifying problem-solving for signals, clocking, and connectivity issues.

Connectivity and Features

RME designed the M-1610 Pro to add analogue and AVB I/O to any existing MADI devices. The device combines the performance of the M-32 Pro AD and DA converters into a single unit, offering additional user-friendly features for seamless operation in studio, live, and broadcast environments. TRS jacks provide alternative connections for D-Sub inputs and outputs alongside redundant network ports, a headphone output for monitoring and troubleshooting, and quick access buttons for source selection and volume. The internal routing matrix provides visual control over all channels side by side, allowing flexible routing between the 272 inputs and 298 outputs.

Unmatched Performance

The M-1610 Pro offers the lowest converter latencies and deterministic AVB networking with configurable network delay down to 0.3ms, delivering samples with nanosecond accuracy across an entire network. The AD and DA filters are optimised for different sampling rates, ensuring RME’s signature transparency. SteadyClock FS, RME’s ultra-low jitter digital clock technology, guarantees state-of-the-art conversion to and from analogue at any level and across all digital formats. Each analogue line level per channel offers the full dynamic range of the converters.

Optional Expansion

The optional RME MADI SFP module expands the MADI I/O, increasing the channel count to 256 and offering MADI redundant operation.

SteadyClock FS - Reference Class Digital Clocking

Clock frequency stability is crucial in digital audio. The M-1610 Pro provides full SteadyClock FS performance for the lowest and highest jitter immunity, ensuring excellent performance in all clock modes and high-quality analogue conversion to maintain sound clarity. Digital format conversion occurs without loss, ensuring optimised recordings and mixes with more depth and clarity.

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