RME M-1620 Pro D

AD/DA Converter

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High-performance converter that offers 16 channels of A/D and 20 channels of D/A conversion, integrates ADAT, Dante®, and MADI technologies, provides dual headphone outputs, features built-in redundancy with dual network and MADI connections, supports 64 channel Dante connectivity, and includes advanced jitter reduction with SteadyClock FS, all within a user-friendly single-height 19-inch rack device.

At a glance

  • 16-channel A/D and 20-channel D/A conversion
  • ADAT, Dante®, and MADI integration
  • Dual headphone outputs
  • Built-in redundancy with dual network and MADI connections
  • Monitored DC input alongside internal AC power supply
  • Full stand-alone capability
  • 64 channel Dante connectivity
  • SteadyClock FS for jitter reduction
  • Manual configuration of aliasing filters
  • Separate Word Clock BNC and coaxial MADI connectors
  • JSON-based API and SysEx MIDI command integration
  • Integrated routing matrix for single-channel routing

The RME M-1620 Pro D is a 16-channel A/D and 20-channel D/A converter with ADAT, Dante®, MADI, and separate headphone outputs designed for professional audio networks.

Advanced Conversion and Connectivity

The RME M-1620 Pro D converts 16 analogue line-level signals (individually switchable up to +24 dBu) to and from MADI, ADAT, and Dante network technology. This innovative unit features a newly developed front panel with LED level meters, a display, and two separate headphone outputs for monitoring, all within a single-height 19-inch rack device—cutting-edge converters and flexible internal routing position it at the forefront of any audio network.

Simplicity and Flexibility

RME ensures reliability with the M-1620 Pro by incorporating built-in redundancy, including dual network and MADI connections and a monitored DC input alongside the internal AC power supply. A unique system signals issues clearly, ensuring seamless operation. With full stand-alone capability, users can adjust settings directly on the unit for quick modifications or recall entire user-defined presets.

Integrated 64-Channel Dante Connectivity

The M-1620 Pro D integrates 64-channel Dante connectivity, providing direct links to other audio devices via standard Ethernet switches. If redundancy is unnecessary, the device can function as a switch itself, enabling daisy-chaining of several Dante devices. Users can record and playback up to 64 channels of the M-1620’s analogue and digital I/O on their computer using Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard™ (license not included).

Add Analogue and DANTE I/O to Any MADI Device

Manual configuration of the converter’s aliasing filters optimises impulse and frequency response. SteadyClock FS effectively reduces jitter on digital input signals. Separate Word Clock BNC and coaxial MADI connectors, with optional optical MADI via an SFP module, allow easy integration into existing infrastructure.

Plug & Play - Rapid User Interaction

Control all device states directly from the front panel for convenient access to all features. RME network audio devices can be accessed over the network (including wirelessly over Wi-Fi) and USB for convenient remote access. It allows the rapid creation of gain groups, phantom power switching, and clock configuration. Additionally, a JSON-based API and SysEx MIDI commands integrate each model virtually anywhere. The integrated routing matrix enables single-channel routing across all analogue and digital I/O, simplifying signal, clocking, and connectivity issues.

About MADI

MADI, the multi-channel digital audio protocol, has evolved alongside RME to become the most widely accepted protocol on the market. RME’s MADI-based systems offer incredible reliability, especially in applications where failure is not an option.

SteadyClock FS - Reference Class Digital Clocking

SteadyClock FS ensures excellent performance in all clock modes and high-quality analogue conversion, so you can hear your mix as it is, with the lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity.

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