rockruepel bundle

Audio compressor

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Flexible, incredibly clear VCA compressor with various attack and release timings and advanced side-chain settings for unique sound shaping options.

At a glance

  • VCA compressor with very flexible sidechain filters
  • Quality components for the best possible sound
  • Continuously variable high-pass and low-pass filter for the sidechain in the ranges 20Hz – 200Hz, 150Hz – 2.3kHz, 1.5kHz – 20kHz
  • Pre-listen function to control the filtered signal
  • compressor ratios 1:2, 1:4, 1:10
  • Threshold +15dB to -44dB
  • Changes with Attack (0.1ms bis 120ms) and Release Settings (0.1ms bis 1.2s) very audible
  • XLR In & Out
  • Ext. switching power supply (100 – 240V) with standard IEC cable
  • Link two device together for stereo using a standard TS cable (incl. in the stereo bundle)
  • Ideal for mixing and mastering
  • designed and manufactured in Germany

The rockruepel bundle includes two compressors that can be linked via their sidechain for true stereo operation.

The rockruepel is a flexible, incredibly clear Mono VCA compressor with a wide variety of attack and release timings as well as advanced side-chain settings for unique sound shaping options.

The rockruepel was inspired by Luca Petrolesi's mixing and mastering method and features high-pass and low-pass filters to focus the compression. Listen lets you hear what the side chain gets and may be used as a high-quality band-pass filter.

The compressor ratios are 2:1 (soft), 4:1 (medium), and 10:1 (hard), with attack and release times ranging from 0.1ms to 120ms.

The machine has a standard IEC cable and an external power source (110-240V). A connection cable is included in the stereo package.

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