Rode RodeCaster DUO

USB Audio Interface

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Compact audio solution tailor-made for podcasters and content creators. It combines revolutionary technology with superior sound quality, offering seamless customizability and ease of use. This all-in-one audio production station, equipped with high-quality Revolution Preamps™, professional APHEX® processing, and intuitive controls, is perfect for creating exceptional audio content. Its compact and portable design and extensive connectivity options make it an ideal choice for diverse recording environments and creative workflows.

At a glance

  • Compact all-in-one audio production studio, ideal for podcasters and digital content creators
  • Revolution Preamps™ offering ultra-low-noise and high-gain (-131.5dBV EIN, 76dB gain)
  • Two premium Neutrik® combo inputs suitable for microphones, instruments, and line-level devices
  • Integrated wireless receiver compatible with up to two RØDE Series IV transmitters such as Wireless GO II and Wireless ME
  • Seven customizable channels featuring four high-quality physical faders and three virtual ones
  • Highly efficient quad-core audio engine
  • On-board APHEX® audio processing and effects of studio quality
  • Six SMART pads, fully programmable with bank switch capability
  • 3.5mm TRRS input designed for headphone and headset connections
  • Dual USB-C interfaces for connecting two devices - computers or mobiles
  • Enhanced Bluetooth® connectivity for seamless phone call integration
  • Capability for multitrack or stereo recording to a microSD™ card, USB storage device or computer
  • Two robust headphone outputs and balanced ¼-inch line outputs.
  • 5.5-inch HD touchscreen equipped with haptic feedback and rotary encoder for effortless navigation and control
  • Regular firmware updates for new features and improvements.
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured in RØDE’s advanced facilities in Sydney, Australia

The Rode RODECaster Duo is the ultimate compact audio solution for podcasters and content creators. A marvel in digital audio, this device ingeniously blends groundbreaking technology with unparalleled sound quality, offering limitless customizability and effortless usability. It is more than just an audio tool; it's an essential partner in producing captivating audio content.

Embark on a Journey of Exceptional Sound

The essence of the RODECaster Duo is its unparalleled ability to transform any audio project into a masterpiece. This all-in-one audio production solution encapsulates the essence of a professional broadcast studio within its sleek, intuitive console. Whether you're podcasting, streaming, or crafting any digital content, the Duo equips you with everything you need to create sound that resonates with clarity and depth. Powered by an advanced quad-core audio engine and equipped with the latest in audio technology, the RODECaster Duo stands as your definitive tool for extraordinary content creation.

Effortless Control, Incredible Audio

Ease of use is a hallmark of the RODECaster Duo. It boasts a large high-definition touchscreen, intuitive rotary encoder, and broadcast-quality faders, putting comprehensive audio control at your fingertips. Setting up your project is quick and straightforward, allowing you to dive into your creative process immediately. With professionally designed presets and the innovative VoxLab™ processing editor, achieving your ideal sound is just a tap or twist away. Creating outstanding content has never been more accessible.

Revolutionary Sound with Revolution Preamps

The RODECaster Duo features the exceptional Revolution Preamps™, guaranteeing pristine audio quality across various inputs. These preamps, designed explicitly for the RODECaster series, deliver high-gain, ultra-low-noise performance, providing ample output while maintaining a quiet backdrop. This eliminates additional microphone boosters or external processing, ensuring your audio is crystal clear.

Professional Audio Processing with APHEX

Craft and refine your sound with the RODECaster Duo's studio-quality audio processing tools, courtesy of the renowned APHEX brand. Experience the legacy of professional audio engineering with authentic emulations of iconic hardware processors like the Aural Exciter™, Big Bottom™, and Compellor™ master compressor/leveller. Each channel is also equipped with a studio-grade compressor, noise gate, high-pass filter, de-esser, and three-band equaliser, enabling you to deliver exceptional sound quality in every recording.

Compact, Portable, and Unmatched in Power

The RODECaster Duo is remarkably compact and portable. This versatility makes it perfect for on-the-go recordings, home or office content creation, or keeping your livestream setup tidy and efficient.

Customisation for Your Creative Vision

Adapt the RODECaster Duo to fit your unique creative workflow. With the ability to assign its eight inputs to physical or virtual faders and customise effects and processing for each channel, the Duo can be transformed into a studio that perfectly aligns with your artistic ambitions.

Take Control with SMART Pads

The RODECaster Duo features six programmable SMART pads, offering vast creative control. Utilise these pads to trigger sound effects, music beds, or voice alterations such as reverb and echo, send MIDI commands to external software, and automate mixer actions for a dynamic and engaging audio experience.

All-Encompassing Connectivity

The RODECaster Duo's wide connectivity options make it a central hub for any audio setup. With dual USB interfaces, an MFi-certified USB port compatible with iOS devices, and advanced Bluetooth® functionality for high-definition phone call recordings or audio streaming, this device is ready for any audio challenge you throw its way.

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