Roger Linn Design Linnstrument Advanced MIDI Control Surface

MPE MIDI Controller

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Portable multi-dimensional polyphonic expressive MIDI controller with RGB backlit pads and a wide array of playmodes for enhancing your virtual instruments and hardware alike.

The Roger Linn Linnstrument is an highly advanced expressive MIDI control surface.

The playing surface of the Linnstrument is made up of a 25 x 8 grid, each point of the surface responds to both pressure and position of the players hands. 

Designed to capture the subtle details and nuances to enhance the playability and character of VSTs. Linnstrument captures these subtle movements and translates them into polyphonic MIDI data. This detailed control information allows for incomparable expressivity when playing electronic or software based instruments. 

The layout of Linnstrument should be thought of as a group of strings, you can bend and manipulate these "strings" in a wide range of ways. 

Linnstrument is built on a very powerful open source platform that allows for custom packages to be sideloaded onto the system. This level of configurability means that you can have Linnstrument perform as almost anything you can think of.

An incredible innovation that extends the playability and potential of software and electronic instruments, Linnstrument is a must for musicians who seek more control over their software.

The main features of the Roger Linn Linnstrument include

  • Advanced MIDI control surface with polyphonic expression
  • Polyphonic pitch bend, modulation and timbre control
  • Highly configurable, runs on arduino
  • 25 x 8 backlit LED playing surface
  • Lovingly designed and built by Roger Linn in the USA
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