Roger Linn Linnstrument 128 MIDI Controller

MPE MIDI Controller

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Portable multi-dimensional polyphonic expressive MIDI controller with 128 RGB backlit pads and a wide array of playmodes for enhancing your virtual instruments and hardware alike.

The Roger Linn Linnstrument 128 is an advanced Multi-dimensional Polyphonic MIDI Control Surface.

Based on the globally successful Linnstrument, the smaller 128 uses the same revolutionary technology but scales the size down to make it more portable and affordable.

Linnstrument employs advanced MIDI technology called MPE, this allows the Linnstrument to send MIDI information on a per note, per channel basis.

So unlike conventional keyboard controllers, you don't have to have a global pitch control for all of your notes, you can if desired control them independantly.

The same can also be said of modulation and timbre of the notes, you can control the amount of modulation per note, per channel. This makes for a much more expressive, realistic playing and sounding instrument.

Aside from it's MPE technology, there also a wide variety of play modes including; splits, polyphonic sequencing, drum mode, strum mode, arpeggiator, MIDI CC faders and the ability to even programme preset text into the system if desired.

The Linnstrument 128 isn't a less featured version of the original Linnstrument, it's just smaller! So if the original was a bit out of reach or a bit too big for you setup, then the 128 is the way to go.

The main features of the Roger Linn Linnstrument 128 include

  • MPE MIDI controller
  • 128 RGB backlit pads
  • Includes standard MIDI and USB jacks
  • USB required for power
  • Smaller footprint, more affordable
  • Uses the same Linnstrument technology
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