Roll Music Vacbax

All-Tube 500 Series Baxandall EQ

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Single-slot 500-series optical compressor with an all-tube design and transformer coupled circuit

The Roll Music VacBax 500 is an all-tube single-channel 500 Series two-band baxandall EQ.

The Roll Music VacBax 500 uses a passive design and boasts a fixed 150Hz Bass frequency and offers a choice of two frequencies (8kHz or 16kHz) for the high-band. In addition, it includes a switchable 100Hz hi-pass filter.

The VacBax 500 uses Roll Music’s proprietary high-voltage internal voltage booster which delivers 200V internally from the +/-16V and +48V rails provided by the 500 Series enclosures. This design uses a two-stage tube amplifier based on an ECC832 (12DW7) dual triode used for both voltage gain and output drive.

Ideal for quick tone shaping, the VacBax delivers the buttery tone associated with Baxandall designs with the additional richness of Tube EQs.

Roll Music VacBax 500 Main Features:

  • Single Channel Valve EQ
  • Passive design with Baxandall Curves
  • Fixed 150Hz bass band
  • Selectable high Frequencies (8kHz, 16kHz)
  • Fixed 100Hz high-pass filter
  • Roll Music Proprietary high-voltage internal booster
  • ECC832 Valve
  • Made in the USA
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