Roll Music Valvop

500 Series Compressor

CAP2: 0 $1,045.20
$871.00 ex VAT
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Single-slot 500-series optical compressor with an all-tube design and transformer coupled circuit

At a glance

  • Fits in any 500 Series compatible rack or psu.
  • All tube, transformer-coupled circuit design
  • Threshold control pot
  • Stepped make-up gain
  • PDR Mode. Program Dependent Release, for allowing transient detail and smooth compression of longer program material.
  • LED gain reduction indicator

The Roll Music Valvop, or RMS-MC5 to give it's official title, is an optical compressor for the 500 Series format.

The Roll Music Valvop is designed to be a smooth, musical-sounding compressor in the mould of classic units like the Universal Audio LA2A.

Smooth, rich and warm this compressor will be at home in any 500 Series rack.

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