Royer Labs FlexBar (Dual Mic Utility Bar)

Microphone stereo bar

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Innovative microphone holder crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium, designed to accommodate two microphones on a single stand. Its unique design surpasses traditional stereo bars, offering extensive flexibility for microphone placement, from classic configurations to creative positioning. Each of its movable arms is equipped with centimetre-marked gradient indicators for precision. Developed in collaboration with Triad-Orbit, it's compatible with their accessories and can be fine-tuned with a ball-swivel adaptor. The FlexBar suits various applications, including snare drum, singer/songwriter performances, and acoustic guitar, and is covered by a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for its original owner. Warranty service requires proof of purchase.

At a glance

  • Dual microphone mount featuring two innovative L-shaped brackets for unmatched flexibility
  • Perfectly suited for traditional stereo arrangements such as Blumlein, ORTF, and Spaced Pair (AB)
  • Tailored for diverse 2-microphone configurations limited only by your imagination
  • Imprinted centimeter-gradient markers ensure meticulous and consistent microphone spacing
  • Collaboratively designed with the renowned experts at Triad-Orbit

The Royer FlexBar is a versatile solution for securing two microphones onto a single microphone stand, delivering flexibility that goes well beyond the capabilities of conventional stereo bars.

Fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminium and showcasing a sleek matte-black finish, the FlexBar maintains a lightweight profile while accommodating various microphone types.

Diverging from the norm of traditional stereo bars, the FlexBar incorporates a pair of adjustable arms that open up an extensive array of microphone placement possibilities. These options span from classic Blumlein and spaced pair configurations to unleashing your creative ingenuity in positioning (refer to some initial setup suggestions below). To ensure precision and repeatability, each arm is etched with gradient markers in centimetres for precise microphone distancing.

Developed in collaboration with Triad-Orbit, the FlexBar seamlessly integrates with all Triad-Orbit accessories. For meticulous adjustments of the entire FlexBar assembly, the Triad-Orbit ball-swivel adaptor can be introduced between the base of the FlexBar and the microphone stand, enhancing its manoeuvrability.

Recommended Applications:

  • Snare Drum (Top and Bottom)
  • Singer/Songwriter Performances
  • Acoustic Guitar

Classic Stereo Bar Arrangements:

  • Blumlein Configuration
  • Spaced Pair & ORTF Arrangements

Warranty & Support:

A comprehensive one-year warranty backs the Royer FlexBar for the original owner. Royer Labs pledges to rectify or replace any malfunctioning unit during this timeframe at no cost. To avail of warranty service, the presentation of a valid proof of purchase is necessary.

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