Royer R-122 MkII Matched Pair

Matched Pair Active Ribbon Microphone

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Matched pair Active Ribbon Microphones with -15dB Pad and 100Hz, 6dB/oct high-pass filter

The Royer R-122 MkII Matched Pair includes two R-122 MkII with carefully selected and matched components for true stereo recordings.

The Royer R-122 MkII is an active ribbon microphone designed to provide impedance matching circuitry and condenser like output levels and a notable update from the original R-122.

The Royer R-122 Mk II now includes a switchable -15dB Pad placed before the microphone’s electronics to remove any unwanted distortion due to loud sources. Designed to be extremely transparent the -15dB only attenuates the level without affecting the tonality of the microphone.

A smooth 6dB/oct high-pass filter at 100Hz is also included to remove any low frequency build-up due to proximity effect. Its smooth characteristics make it ideal with many instrument sources as well as vocals.

The R-122 mkII like all Royer microphones are handmade in Burbank, California using the best components. A special toroidal transformer is employed to ensure faster transient response ideal to capture percussion and acoustic instruments as well as drum overheads. This transformer coupled with an ultra-low noise FET ensures ultra-low noise performance. What’s more the high output level lets you use this ribbon microphone with almost any mic preamp to record even the quietest of sounds.

In addition to increased gain, the use of active electronics ensures that the R-122 mkII receives the correct impedance load at all times ensuring optimum performance throughout regardless of the preamp. This also allows for long cable runs with minimal signal loss.

Royer R-122 MkII Active Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

  • Phantom powered circuitry provides high output and impedance matching
  • -15 dB pad before the mic's electronics gives more headroom when activated.
  • Bass cut filter reduces proximity effect and bass below 100 Hz when activated
  • High SPL Capabilities
  • No distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
  • Absence of high frequency phase distortion
  • Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
  • Rear side of mic records slightly brighter when three feet or closer to sound source

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