Schoeps MK2 Omni mic capsule, matched pair

Matched Stereo Omni capsule for Schoeps CMC range

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Meticulously crafted omnidirectional capsule stereo pair, renowned for its even frequency response when placed close to sound sources. Its unique ability to capture frontal sound waves with fidelity makes it ideal for near-field recordings, especially in instrument miking. Additionally, it is highly regarded for acoustical measurements. A mechanical adapter is available for calibration with B&K devices, but it's only compatible with the nickel-finished version of the MK 2 due to dimensional tolerances.

At a glance

  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • Very flat frequency response
  • Corrected for a free sound field
  • For use close to the sound source (frontal sound
  • Often preferred for relatively close miking of instruments, vocalists, etc.

The Schoeps MK 2 is a stereo pair of matched omnidirectional capsules, carefully crafted for capturing sound with an incredibly even frequency response, making it ideal for close, frontal microphone placement.

The Schoeps MK 2 delivers a linear frequency response at a 0° angle (equivalent to free-field equalization). It is perfect when positioning it near the sound source, especially for close-miking musical instruments.

The unique virtue of the Schoeps MK2 lies in its ability to reproduce sound waves that approach it from the front with exceptional fidelity. This characteristic produces a remarkably natural sound when recording near the sound source. It can be placed close without introducing excessive brilliance or harshness to the audio.

Moreover, the Schoeps MK 2 has earned a strong reputation for its application in acoustical measurements, where precision and accuracy are paramount.

For those who require calibration with B&K devices, a mechanical adapter (specifically the AMBK 1, compatible with diameters ranging from 20 mm to 1") is available. It's important to note that this adapter is exclusively usable with the nickel-finished version of the MK 2 owing to dimensional tolerances.

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