Schoeps MK41 Supercardioid; highly consistent directionality

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Hypercardioid capsule for the Colette series of modular pencil microphones with strong directivity and superior rear and side rejections, Hypercardioid capsule - colette series.

The Schoeps MK41g is a hypercardioid capsule for the Colette series of modular pencil microphones 

The Schoeps MK41g offers strong directivity and offers superior rear and side rejections. With a directivity independent of frequency, it ensures that sound coming off-axis and reverberant sounds have no colouration. This allows for distant placement while maintaining a very natural sound. They are ideal as replacements for shotgun microphones as they provide a consistent side and rear rejection even at lower frequencies as well as a consistent tone regardless of placement in the room.

The MK41g is ideal in situations where rejections of other sounds is required or as a Mid microphone in a Mid/Side configuration when used at a certain distance. Its tonality is darker than the CM4 and it exhibits a stronger roll-off in the low end.

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