Schoeps Mono-Set CMC 1 U + MK4 Cardioid Capsule

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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The Schoeps Mono-Set CMC 1 U + MK4 Cardioid Capsule is a versatile microphone setup comprising the compact CMC 1 U preamp body and the renowned MK4 cardioid capsule. The CMC 1 U offers a smaller and lighter alternative to the CMC 6 without compromising performance, making it ideal for applications where microphone size and weight are crucial factors. Schoeps' dedication to miniaturization is evident in the CMC 1 U, which matches or exceeds the electrical capabilities of the CMC 6. The MK4 Cardioid Capsule delivers transparent sound quality, exceptional rear-incident noise rejection, and a consistent frequency response, making it a versatile choice for diverse recording situations. With a cardioid pattern that provides a reach of 1.7 times that of an omnidirectional microphone, it excels in capturing direct sound even at greater distances while reducing off-axis sound without coloration. Its design ensures a flat frequency response, and it is a go-to solution for high-quality audio capture.

At a glance

  • CMC1 microphone amplifier
  • MK4 capsule with cardioid pattern
  • Use as part of stereo recording with coincident or ORTF microphone arrangements
  • Ideal as a spot mic
  • Great as a compact boom microphone
  • flat frequency response
  • very low harmonic distortion and noise
  • works with 12V and 48V phantom power
  • balanced, low-impedance output
  • excellent protection against high-frequency radio interference with "RFI Shield"
  • frequency-independent impedance
  • signal transmission possible over very long cables
  • reliable operation even with weak phantom power
  • symmetrical, transformer- and capacitor-free output stage with a class-A amplifier
  • above 20 kHz, the signal is attenuated for protection against interference in the ultrasonic range, e.g. through the ultrasonic autofocus of a film camera
  • 2yr Schoeps Warranty but extended to 10yrs if product is registered with Schoeps

The Schoeps Mono-Set CMC 1 U + MK4 Cardioid Capsule includes a CMC 1 U preamp body and an MK4 cardioid capsule.

The Schoeps' CMC 1 is a compact Colette microphone amplifier, significantly smaller and 40% lighter than its counterpart, the CMC 6. It seamlessly integrates with all components of the Colette system, making it a perfect substitute for the CMC 6 without any compromises. This makes it ideal for applications where the size and weight of the microphone are critical considerations.

Schoeps' commitment to "uncompromising miniaturization" is evident in the electrical performance of the CMC 1, which matches or surpasses that of the CMC 6. Thanks to modern electronic design, it achieves exceptional electrical properties, including:

  • High maximum SPL: 135 dB-SPL with the MK 4 (0.5% THD or less).
  • Very low current consumption: 2.0 mA at 48 Volts.
  • Operates on 48 V or 12 V phantom power.
  • Remarkable immunity to RF interference with the SCHOEPS RFI Shield.

The Schoeps MK 4 Cardioid Capsule is a renowned microphone that has been a standard choice across various recording scenarios. Its transparent sound quality and remarkable suppression of rear-incident noise allow it to faithfully reproduce sound sources, earning it a reputation as a versatile problem-solving tool even in challenging recording environments.

The Schoeps MK 4's flat frequency response and consistent directional pattern across all frequencies are the foundation of its outstanding sound quality. Even in diffuse sound fields, its frequency response remains flat, with a slight 10 kHz boost compensating for high-frequency losses in the room, resulting in a transparent sound image for direct sound, side sound, and room ambience (reverberation).

As a classic small-diaphragm microphone, the MK 4 offers all the advantages typical of this microphone type, such as exemplary frequency response and consistent polar patterns across the frequency spectrum. Notably, the MK 4 achieves its flat frequency response solely through its mechanical design, without relying on electronic filtering.

The MK 4, as a pressure gradient transducer, features a single diaphragm exposed to sound from both the front and rear. It is crucial to ensure that the side sound inlets are never obstructed.

The cardioid polar pattern of the MK 4 provides a reach approximately 1.7 times that of an omnidirectional microphone, making it suitable for capturing direct sound even at greater distances from the source. This characteristic shines when multiple microphone signals are mixed, as it reduces the level of off-axis sound without introducing colouration.

At a 90° angle, the MK 4 attenuates sound by 6 dB; at 180°, it reduces it by approximately 20 to 30 dB. Diffuse-incident sound is captured at a 4.8 dB lower than direct sound, preserving sound quality in various recording situations.

Included in the Box

  • 1 x CMC 1 U Microphone Amplifier
  • 1 x MK 4 microphone capsule
  • 1 x SG 20 stand clamp
  • 1 x B 5 D hollow foam windscreen
  • 1 x Premium case

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