sE Electronics RNT Tube Large Condenser Microphone

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Valve Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone designed in collaboration with Rupert Neve, using custom-built capsule,12AU7 tube, 9 Polar patterns and custom discrete Class A op-amps

The SE Electronics RNT is a valve large diaphragm condenser microphone designed by Rupert Neve and manufactured by SE Electronics.

The SE Electronics RNT borrows some designs elements borrowed from Rupert Neve’s experience in large-format console designs for a different approach in tube microphone designs.

Starting with the capsule Rupert Neve’s microphone uses a brand new capsule manufactured specifically and hand tuned to ensure ultra-high sensitivity and SPL handling.

Following the capsule is the first amplification stage which features a hand-selected low-noise 12AU7 valve located just behind the detachable vents on the rear of the mic. The choice of a valve design while unusual for Rupert Neve, provides all the desirable qualities which are emphasised with the size and tuning of the capsule.

After the first valve amplification stage, the signal is then directed to the high-voltage power supply which provides a 9-poisition polar pattern rotary switch ranging from Omni to figure-of-eight patterns and anything in between. The power supply also includes a three-way toggle switch for high-pass filter to remove signal below 40Hz or 80Hz. More importantly however, the power supply features custom discrete Class A op-amps found in the 5088 analogue consoles which provide an additional amplification stage adding +12dB or -12dB for very loud sources, effectively acting as a Pad, providing an impressive amount of headroom. The op-amps used deliver perfectly flat frequency response between 1Hz to 30kHz and vary by 2dB all the way to 100kHz providing superbly natural sonic character.

SE Electronics RNT Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Main Features:

  • Designed in partnership with Rupert Neve Designs
  • Custom-built capsule
  • Low Noise 12AU7 valve
  • 9 Polar pattern position ranging from Omni to Figure-of-eight
  • 40Hz and 80Hz High-pass filter
  • Custom Discrete Class A op-amps adding +/-12dB

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