Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Studio (700047)

Open-back headphones

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Pair of reference-grade open-back headphones with angled transducers ideal for mixing.

At a glance

  • Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and grey
  • High-quality, open metal mesh earpiece covers for an extremely transparent sound
  • Computer-optimised magnet systems minimise harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils ensure excellent transient response
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet systems for optimum sensitivity and a wide dynamic range
  • Exceptionally natural, spatial and accurate sound
  • Detachable OFC copper cable, Kevlar-reinforced, with very low handling noise
  • 2-year guarantee

The Sennheiser HD 400 Pro is a pair of reference-grade open-back headphones with angled transducers ideal for mixing.

The Sennheiser HD 400 Pro has been designed to deliver an honest sound across the entire frequency spectrum including the low frequencies. it boasts a unique angled transducer design to allow for a better spatial reproduction of the mix.

The open-back design delivers a wide and transparent soundstage with none of the confined and boxiness that occurs with closed headphones. Their neutral transparency delivers all that’s required for perfect translation of a mix.

The HD 400 Pro are also extremely comfortable, allowing for long mixing sessions without incurring discomfort and fatigue. Their light weight lets mixers focus on the sound for hours while the articulating earcups, velour earpads and adjustable headband provide superior comfort.

It features highly efficient driver magnets to provide superior clarity and a damping system to manage ventilation for deeper bass and greatly reduced distortion. Combined with the 120-Ohm transducers, the HD 400 Pro delivers every detail of a mix regardless of the amplifier used to power them.

The Sennheiser HD 400 comes with a detachable coil cable as well as a straight cable and a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter.

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