Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin Nx (Black)

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Featuring two independently adjustable cardioid capsules, remote adjustment of pick-up patterns, compatibility with advanced recording techniques like the double MS method, and included accessories such as a shock mount, microphone clamp, adaptor cable, user manual, and transport case, the Sennheiser MKH 800 TWIN redefines the possibilities of studio recording, offering unmatched flexibility and precision for professional audio engineers and producers.

At a glance

  • Dual-capsule large-diaphragm design for versatile recording options.
  • Separate outputs for each capsule allow for intricate sound adjustments.
  • Capable of creating any pick-up pattern from omnidirectional to figure-8.
  • Ideal for acoustically challenging environments and precision EQ/filtering.
  • Suitable for 'double MS' surround sound recording techniques.
  • Includes a comprehensive package with microphone clamp, shock mount, adaptor cable, manual, and aluminium case.

The Sennheiser MKH 800 TWIN stands out as a dual-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone, setting a new standard in universal studio microphone excellence. It boasts two independent cardioid capsules arranged back-to-back in a coincident manner. Each capsule connects directly to standard mic preamps via its dedicated output, offering unparalleled versatility and control.

Advanced Pick-Up Pattern Adjustment

Unlike traditional microphones that combine transducer signals to create varying pick-up patterns, the MKH 800 TWIN maintains separate channels for each capsule's output. This design enables remote adjustment of pick-up patterns, allowing users to blend the signals on a mixing console. This flexibility facilitates the creation of every pick-up pattern imaginable, from omnidirectional to figure-8, with limitless nuances in between. Additionally, users can process signals from each capsule independently, enhancing the microphone's adaptability to diverse recording needs.

Revolutionary Recording Techniques and Applications

Building on the legacy of the MKH 800, the TWIN model introduces new dimensions to studio recording, excelling in challenging acoustic conditions. Its unique design allows for applying EQ or filters solely on the rear-facing capsule, maintaining the desired polar pattern while offering precision tuning unavailable with other microphones. The microphone excels in advanced recording techniques such as the ''double MMS'method, which is perfect for surround sound applications. This technique utilises equal parts of the two cardioid capsules and an additional figure-of-eight microphone to capture comprehensive spatial audio, ideal for creating immersive soundscapes.


  • MKH 800 TWIN studio condenser microphone
  • MZQ 80 microphone clamp
  • MZS80 shock mount
  • AC 20 adaptor cable (1x XLR-5 socket to 2 x XLR-3 connector)
  • User manual
  • Aluminium transport case

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