SEPIA L6-A0 1U 19" Rack Mount Host-Fixed Analog DSUB Output

SEPIA Host with Fixed Analogue Outputs

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Highly reliable, versatile audio processing unit with six module slots, flexible routing via D-SUB connectors, advanced cooling systems, and robust power supply design, ensuring optimal performance in both studio and touring environments.

At a glance

  • 1U, 19-inch rack-mount unit with six module slots
  • Developed with input from over 150 engineers
  • Flexible routing to any of 8 outputs via D-SUB connector
  • Complete analog signal flow from input to output
  • Unique thermal system with Thermal Bias Springs
  • Vented sides and rear for optimal cooling
  • Three heatsinks with near-silent fans
  • Six separate power supplies
  • Secure secondary DC input
  • Continues to pass analogue audio in case of power failure

The Karno Sound SEPIA L6-A0 1U 19" is a robust, versatile audio processing rackmount host for the new SEPIA processing format. It is designed for studio and touring environments. 

The Karno SEPIA L6-A0, the first in the SEPIA series, is a 1U, 19-inch rack-mount unit with six module slots and flexible I/O options. Developed with input from over 150 engineers, it delivers safe, secure, and flexible audio processing in challenging conditions. This ensures reliable performance for critical shows and integrates authentic analogue hardware into your workflow on the road and in the studio.

Output Routing

The L6-A0 offers flexible routing to 8 outputs via the industry-standard D-SUB connector. It allows seamless interfacing with the analogue I/O of other equipment without any conversion, maintaining a complete analogue signal flow from input to output.

Cooling System

Each SEPIA L6 features a unique thermal system to cool its modules. Heat transfers through conduction from the top of each module into the L6, with Thermal Bias Springs ensuring a solid connection. The unit also includes vented sides, a rear, and three heatsinks cooled by near-silent fans that activate only when necessary.

Rack Design

The rear of the L6 dips to facilitate airflow, allowing units to be racked directly above or below each other, optimizing valuable rack space.

Power Supply

Internally, the L6 contains six power supplies to ensure each module receives the power needed for full performance. A secure secondary DC input from an independent supply also prevents system-wide dropouts.

Show-Critical Reliability

In the unlikely event of a total power failure across internal and external supplies, the L6 will continue to pass analogue audio, ensuring 100% show-critical functionality.



What is SEPIA?

SEPIA heralds a new era in audio equipment, offering Engineers and Creatives an unmatched solution: portable, versatile, and seamlessly integrated. With SEPIA’s proprietary technology, it transcends mere emulation to unlock limitless possibilities, setting a new standard in modern audio with zero compromises.

SEPIA bridges the gap between traditional audio hardware limitations and audio software's expansive potential. Backed by a cadre of top-tier engineers, SEPIA is poised to transform the creative industry, offering boundless potential for users and manufacturers alike.

The SEPIA ecosystem is composed of Modules and Hosts. Modules, crafted by your favourite manufacturers, are housed in Hosts tailored for any scenario. Karno’s innovative Bridging Signal Flow between Module and Host ensures an entirely analogue signal path, leveraging a digitally controlled analogue infrastructure to create a comprehensive platform for today’s audio professionals.

A SEPIA Module can be anything from microphone preamps and equalizers to dynamics processors, effects units, vacuum tube designs, DSP units, and more. Created by leading brands, SEPIA modules integrate original components and designs, delivering genuine sound in a modular, compact, and durable format.

Eschewing physical controls, the SEPIA platform harnesses the full potential of digital control via desktop, tablet, phone, and plugin applications, seamlessly integrating with consoles and controllers powered by the AEQUOREA engine. Configure, save, recall, and control infinite routing and parameter setups in real time. Designed to support every workflow, SEPIA control software brings the authenticity of analogue hardware into the modern production environment.

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