SEPIA L6-D1 1U 19" Rack Mount Host - AES3 Dsub I/O


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The Karno SEPIA L6-D1 1U 19" Rack Mount with AES Output is a robust, 1U, 6-slot unit designed for flexible audio processing in demanding environments.

Advanced Design and Engineering

Developed with insights from over 150 engineers, the SEPIA L6 is the pioneer in the SEPIA platform series. This 1U, 19-inch unit with six module slots offers secure and flexible audio processing, ensuring reliability in studio and touring environments. The L6 integrates authentic analogue hardware seamlessly into your workflow, providing confidence and high performance.

Flexible Routing and Connectivity

The L6-D1 features flexible routing to any of its 8 outputs via AES over a D-SUB connector. It allows direct interfacing with other digital equipment.

Innovative Cooling System

Each SEPIA L6 employs a unique thermal system to cool its modules. Heat transfers through conduction from the top of each module into the L6, with Thermal Bias Springs ensuring strong connectivity. The unit has vented sides and rear and three heatsinks cooled by near-silent fans that activate only when necessary, providing a covert yet effective cooling system.

Efficient Air Flow and Power Management

The rear of the L6 dips to allow airflow, enabling infinite racking of units above or below each other, optimising rack space. Internally, six separate power supplies ensure each module receives the precise power needed for optimal performance. A secure, secondary DC input fed by an independent supply guarantees no system-wide dropouts. In case of total power failure, the L6 continues to pass analogue audio, ensuring 100% show-critical functionality.

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