Sequential Prophet 6 Module

6-voice analogue synthesizer module

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a 6-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer built as a tribute to the original legendary Prophet-5

The Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Desktop is a 6 voice Analogue Synthesizer Module.

Reducing the form factor doesn't mean losing out on any of the features on the Prophet 6 Keyboard. 

The Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Module retains the knob encrusted interface, pure analogue oscillators, dual filters, poly mod, DFX and everything else from its bigger sibling.

Two discrete VCO's with continuously variable waveshapes and PWM provide the basis for the sytnh sound. Each voice features its own triangle wave sub oscillator, high pass and low pass filter, Filter ADSR EG and Amp ADSR EG.

Modulation duties are handled a multi-wave LFO with multiple destinations and features MIDI sync capabilities. Poly Mod and aftertouch also allows for further modulation and extend the synthesis capabilities.

Just like the Prophet 6, the 24-bit/48KHz digital effects section provides delays, reverbs and chorus effects to add yet more tonal variety.

An ideal companion to a Prophet 6 Keyboard, Prophet 6 Desktop can also poly chain and stack up to 12 voices.

The main features of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Desktop Module Include

  • 6 Voice analogue synthesizer module
  • Feature set and interface from the Prophet 6
  • Dual filters, DFX and comprehensive modulation capabilities
  • Includes 500 presets across 10 user banks


Poly chain with a prophet 6 keyboard for 12 voices

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