Sequential Pro3

Monophonic hybrid synthesizer

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the latest incarnation of Dave Smith's highly regarded series of monosynths. With three unique filters types, powerful sequencing and a tonne of tone shaping capabilities, this synth is a serious sound design powerhouse.

At a glance

  • 37-note hybrid mono / paraphonic synth
  • 32-slot modulation matrix
  • 16 channel sequencing system
  • Three discreet filters
  • Full suite of CV I/O
  • LOADSA distortion

What we think

My personal highlight of NAMM 2020, the Sequential Pro 3 is easily the most capable machine that the Sequential team have ever crafted. Loaded with a staggering array of tone generating capabilities, three distinct filter types, multi FX and seriously powerful sequencer - Tom Lewis | Synthesizer Specialist.

The Sequential Pro3 is a hybrid monophonic / paraphonic synthesizer that combines the very best of discreet analogue circuitry with fresh, forward thinking digital sound generation all wrapped up in a user friendly, highly programmable keyboard.

Dave Smith has been making some of the most revered monosynths for the last five decades, Sequential broke the mould with the Pro1 delivering a true bass monster that found its way onto countless hit records of its era, a couple of decade later Dave Smith released the Pro2, a spiritual successor to the Pro1 which added a wealth of sequencing capabilities, a tonne of modulation options and CV connectivity, the Pro3 nods its hat to the Pro1 and takes some ques from the Pro2 in it's design and implementation, but greatly expands on that superb design.

Pro 3 includes a whole new foray of features not seen in a Sequential synth before, for starters the oscillator section is comprised of two analogue oscillators with shape modulation and a third wavetable oscillator, with some of your standard wavetables and also a lot more unexpected ones, like drum slices and obscure vocal-style content, so even at the very source there's a lot of potential at your fingertips.

The next section that's been expanded on, is the filter section where Sequential have really put their best of the best on show. Three filters, count 'em three provide the tonality from the prophet 6, the OB-6 and some Moog flavour in the form of a ladder style filter, with drive available across all three filter types.

When it comes to modulation, Sequential have a whopping 32-slot mod matrix which combines nicely with a greatly expanded sequencer section; which includes 16 track for pitch, modulation and much more, letting to build complex control and evolving parts with ease.

Two send effects and the very unique and completely mental tuned feedback section complete the package, offering you the very best Sequential monosynth to date. Uncompromising spec and a wealth of user-friendly features with lots of modulation complexity on hand.

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