Serpent Audio Send N’ Blend

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500-Series Mix and Blend module allowing easy out-of-the-box parallel processing

The Serpent Audio Send N’ Blend is a dedicated Mix and Blend control 500-Series module allowing for out-of-the box parallel processing.

The Serpent Audio Send N’ Blend provides more flexibility for your rack equipment allowing you use your favourite compressors or EQs in parallel mode, or simply to combine two different signal such as dual mic’ing applications or summing.

To use the Blending function of the unit, it is necessary to connect the “Dry” signal into the standard XLR input of your 500-Series chassis while the Wet signal will connect to the included TRS input at the front. With Radial Workhorse and Purple Audio Sweet 10 500-series Chassis it is possible to use the extra connectivity on the back called Omniport for the Workhorse series and “Input 2” on the Sweet 10, to send the “Wet” signal. A three-way bypass switch let you bypass the Send N’ Blend module to only listen to the selected “Dry” or “Wet” signal. In the “Blend” position, the amount of wet/dry is dedicated by the main control knob at the top.

The Send N’ Blend uses the same core audio path as the highly recognised SB4001 500-series compressor, and boasts Elna capacitors and a Sealed Alps potentiometer. A steel case protects the circuitry while Serpent Audio’s unique PCX power monitoring controller ensures ultra-reliability and protection of the module.

Serpent Audio Send N’ Blend Main Features:

  • Utilizes same core audio path as the SB4001®
  • Three Way Hard Bypass (Wet/Dry/Blend) (Relay Controlled)
  • Radial Omniport Rear Panel Connectivity
  • Steel Housing Construction
  • Premium Sealed Alps Potentiometer
  • Protection from 48V Phantom Power
  • PCX Power Monitoring*
  • VPR Compliant (65mA total power consumption)

Made In The USA

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