Shadow Hills Oculus Wireless

High Quality Wireless Monitoring Controller

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High quality, no expense-spared wireless monitoring controller designed with mastering-grade topologies ultimate sonic purity.

The Shadow Hills Oculus Wireless is a high quality, no expense-spared monitoring controller designed with mastering-grade topologies and esoteric architecture to provide ultimate sonic purity. It includes a Pendant wireless remote controller

The Shadow Hills Oculus Wireless lets you monitor five different sources through its five selectable balanced input sources through three selectable stereo speaker outputs. For unbalanced sources the signal is routed through a Class-A Active buffer ensuring optimum sonic performance. Each speaker output features a trim control to ensure proper level matching. A dedicated Subwoofer output is also included and features level controls for each speaker selection.

The central volume knob found on the Pendant remote simultaneously controls the three fully-discrete passive volume attenuators for left and right and sub. By using a passive topology Shadow Hills has ensured a superior sound with none of the distortion added by active circuits. In addition to the three passive attenuators, the Oculus features Left/Right/Subwoofer Mute buttons as well as a Mono/Stereo switch to let you monitor your mixes in mono but also lets you hear each unmuted channels through the same stereo outputs meaning that the left or right channels can be heard on both outputs simply by muting one of the channels. The true “Mono Sum” behaviour lets you find phase coherency as well as troubleshooting your monitoring setup.

Two large VU Meter are included on the 2U Rack unit as well as two class-A audiophile headphone amplifiers. External VU meters and an Oscilloscope can be connected at the back the unit.  A talkback matrix inspired by large format consoles is also included with internal and external microphones, class-A mic preamp and remote switching.

Cue feed monitoring is made available via the Cue Follow switch letting you monitor external cue signals and current input source selection. By default, the Cue signal is fed into source E enabling the engineer to hear a different feed than the performers. The signal is the same as the signal heard in the headphones found on the base station. When engaging the Cue Follow switch, the Cue feed is the same as the source selected. An auto Cue feature automatically engages talkback when the “tape” stops.

Shadow Hills Oculus Wireless Monitor Controller Overview:

  • Wireless Remote Pendant
  • Mastering Grade, Fully Discrete Passive Volume Attenuators For Left And Right Monitors and Subwoofer Control
  • 5 Selectable Fully Balanced Input Sources
  • Class-A Active Buffer For Unbalanced Source
  • 3 Selectable Stereo Speaker Outputs
  • Adjustable Speaker Trims For Equalizing Sound Pressure Levels Between Monitors
  • Dedicated Subwoofer Output With Trimmable Level For Each Speaker Selection
  • Large Left And Right VU Meters
  • Connection For External VU Meters And Oscilloscope
  • 2 Class-A Audiophile Headphone Amplifiers
  • Left, Right And Subwoofer Mutes
  • Mono Stereo Selector Collapses Signals To Mono
  • Complete Large Format Console Type Talkback Matrix With Internal And External Microphones, Class-A Microphone Preamp and Remote Switching
  • Cue-Follow For Switching Between External Cue Signals And The Current Input Source Selection
  • Auto-Cue Automatically Engages Talkback When The “Tape” Stops Rolling

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